You can now deposit your luggage or suitcase at all Post offices in Spain

MADRID, 25 Mar.

You can now deposit your luggage or suitcase at all Post offices in Spain


The 2,388 Post Office offices in Spain already offer a new left-luggage service for all people who want to store their luggage, suitcase or any other personal item permitted by the service, according to a statement.

Thus, the rate for depositing objects varies depending on the weight of the packages - which must be tightly closed to ensure that their contents cannot be accessed - and the duration of the deposit, which may extend up to 15 days.

To hire this service, you only need to fill out a simple form and make the deposit for as long as necessary. In addition, the client may withdraw the objects deposited in the storage room at any time, even if the contracted time has not ended.

However, in accordance with applicable regulations, jewelry, valuable objects and other non-admissible contents may not be left in the storage room.

On the other hand, Correos also has a left luggage service for all visitors who arrive annually in Santiago de Compostela after having traveled one of the routes of the Camino de Santiago. In this case, in addition to hiring it in person at the main office in Santiago, the company offers pilgrims the possibility of hiring backpack and bicycle storage 'online'.

Finally, in the Correros offices you can also exchange currency, buy lottery tickets and access services from energy and insurance companies, in addition to all the products related to traditional postal shipments such as "Línea Bosques" packaging and envelopes, national and international parcel delivery, burofax, postal orders and money transfer through Western Union, among other services.