RELEASE: Working in the Public Administration is easier than ever thanks to the OposTime method

Barcelona, ​​September 18.

RELEASE: Working in the Public Administration is easier than ever thanks to the OposTime method

Barcelona, ​​September 18

This is the year in which there are the greatest possibilities of entering the Public Administration thanks to the high number of places offered. The General State Administration (AGE) exams will be held on September 16 and 17 throughout Spain. Mel Escribano, creator of the OposTime method, will be present at those held in the city of Barcelona to motivate the candidates who have studied with her best-selling common syllabus summaries on Amazon.

These exams concentrate the largest number of candidates in Spain. In the categories of auxiliary, administrative and civil managers there are 136,000 registered for 8,675 places. Although it seems that the possibilities of being a civil servant are reduced due to the greater number of candidates, the ratios show that it is the year in which there are more probabilities of entering work in Public Administration. There are more registered, but there are also more places offered. Proof of this is that this year 71% more public employment vacancies (OPE) are offered compared to those offered in 2017. It is an exceptional period, in which you can even go to work without taking an exam in different administrations. public and, without forgetting, that in the next 5-10 years 40% of civil servants will retire, which implies the need to renew the workforce. For those who want to improve their working conditions, have a better family balance, schedules and salary , it is expected that the next AGE selection processes will be convened again before the end of this year 2023 with more than 5,000 places, therefore, it is a good time to start applying. The founder of OposTime will be present at the Faculty of Law, to motivate the opponents who come to take the exams. He will also sign his books, which have reached number 1 in sales on Amazon. Mel Escribano will conduct interviews with the candidates to find out about their experience, he will wait for them with an aperitif to comment on the exam and so that the candidates can talk and connect with each other. them thanks to the intermediation of psychologists who are experts in group dynamics. Exclusive presentations will be made where different topics related to the oppositions will be addressed.About Mel Escribano Mel Escribano, creator of the OposTime method with which she has passed more than 20 oppositions, is a mentor and trainer for opposition candidates and an expert in General Administrator. She has a degree in Law and Management and Public Administration (GAP). She is dedicated to helping candidates get a job in the public administration in the shortest time possible, thanks to her more than 10 years of experience, her book summaries with less than 150 pages and the OpoRadar map, a tool that helps you more easily find new calls for competitions throughout Spain to sign up for. At 21 years old, she managed to be interim when only 1% of public employees were between 20 and 24 years old. Mel explains "The strategy of the AGE LOCAL combo is perfect, during the year you can apply to the Local Administration, and once a year to AGE, studying the same syllabus, something that the opponents do not know due to lack of information. In this way, They maximize the opportunities to work in the shortest possible time. The Local Administration offers many positions and there is less competition, so they are usually easier. OposTime has updates on the law, mentoring and real exams at With strategy and perseverance, it is possible!

Contact Contact name: Mel Escribano Contact description: Mentor and trainer of opponents, creator of the OposTime method Contact telephone number: 644582134