RELEASE: YOFC Unveils Wide Range of Products and Solutions at MWC Shanghai 2023

-Global fiber optic and cable provider YOFC presents a wide range of products and solutions at MWC Shanghai 2023.

RELEASE: YOFC Unveils Wide Range of Products and Solutions at MWC Shanghai 2023

-Global fiber optic and cable provider YOFC presents a wide range of products and solutions at MWC Shanghai 2023

Lighting the digital future

SHANGHAI, July 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) is participating in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2023 ("MWC Shanghai 2023") at booth N2.B10, where it will exhibit its innovative products and solutions under the motto "Lighting the digital future". The exhibition covers a wide range of categories, including new fiber optics and new materials, computer network infrastructure, marine communication, digital and smart manufacturing, digital energy, digital transportation, and F5G digital life. MWC Shanghai 2023 is recognized as the largest and most influential mobile communications event in Asia. YOFC's presence at the event highlights its ability to create value for customers and contribute to the growth of the digital economy through technological innovation.

ChatGPT has quickly gained worldwide recognition since its launch earlier this year, highlighting its immense potential to revolutionize the economy and society. The advent of the AI ​​chatbot and other cutting-edge digital technologies will accelerate digital transformation in various industries. Speaking on the "Digital Everything - Building Digital Nations" sub-forum during MWC Shanghai 2023, Nie Lei, Vice President of YOFC, emphasized the growing digital demands and emerging businesses. She also highlighted the critical need for a robust digital infrastructure that offers higher bandwidth, lower latency, and higher reliability to accommodate the explosion of data. To seize this unprecedented opportunity, YOFC has taken proactive steps to engage in digital development, evolving from a specialized fiber and cable manufacturer to a comprehensive solution provider.

YOFC is committed to developing new and innovative optical fibers and cables. By implementing the BRIGHTS series of high-performance cable and fiber optic products and solutions, the company aims to create a smart, efficient, secure, and stable optical network ecosystem for all-scenario applications, optimize and upgrade digital infrastructure, and support the growth of the digital economy. In the field of Marine Communication, YOFC creates a digital ecosystem for transoceanic transmission by exploring marine environments and overcoming geographical limitations. In addition, the company prioritizes advancing key technologies for digital manufacturing, such as digital twins and industrial big data, fostering a new era of smart manufacturing. YOFC has also created an innovative smart grid system that drives the digital transformation of the electricity sector. In the transport sector, the company incorporates digital technologies into railway systems, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of digital cities. In addition, the company provides a minimalist, efficient and reliable pre-connected solution for fifth generation fixed network applications, which empowers the development of intelligent infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of building a better digital future for all.

Since 2014, YOFC has been expanding its international operations in countries and regions targeted by the Belt and Road Initiative. With five production plants in Brazil, Indonesia, Poland and South Africa along with more than 50 subsidiaries and branches outside of its home market of China, the company has built a global marketing and service network covering more than 90 countries and regions throughout the world, facilitating the construction of global digital infrastructure.

As the digital economy continues to be a driving force for global development and progress, YOFC, based on its mission of "Smart Link Better Life", is dedicated to extending fiber optic connections around the world. The company aims to bridge the digital divide by promoting global fiber optic adoption while strengthening the all-optical foundation of the digital economy through the provision of world-class products and solutions, contributing ultimately to the construction of a community with a shared future for humanity.

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