STATEMENT: Atlas Renewable Energy and COPEC reach an agreement for energy storage in Latin America

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Atlas Renewable Energy and COPEC reach an agreement for energy storage in Latin America

(Information sent by the signatory company)

- Atlas Renewable Energy and COPEC agreement for energy storage marks a new era for Latin America's grid transformation

BESS del Desierto will be among the largest storage contracts in Chile and the first large-scale independent and autonomous Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and will have a storage capacity of 200 MW and hours.

The agreement between Atlas Renewable Energy and COPEC, through its energy trading company, EMOAC, contemplates storing energy to reinject approximately 3.6 TWh of sustainable energy into the grid at times of maximum demand for 15 years.

SANTIAGO, Chile, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlas Renewable Energy, an international leader in clean energy generation, marks a new milestone in Chile after signing a power purchase agreement (PPA) for the use of a energy storage in batteries with the Chilean company COPEC, through its energy marketer EMOAC for 15 years.

BESS del Desierto will be one of the largest energy storage projects in Chile and Latin America, with an installed capacity of 200 MW and four hours and a storage capacity of 800 MWh. The project will allow energy to be stored during daylight hours and reinjected into the grid during high demand. The battery system will be installed next to the Sol del Desierto de Atlas solar plant, located in the María Elena commune in the Antofagasta region.

Under this agreement, BESS del Desierto will reinject around 280 GWh per year into the grid, reducing the shortage of renewable energy generated during the day from solar sources and allowing greater stability and reliability of electricity supply in the region and the country. The project will have a storage capacity similar to 2,500 electric buses used in urban public transport, equivalent to 500,000 kilometers for these buses.

BESS del Desierto will be deployed as a stand-alone battery. This means that it is an independent and autonomous solution designed to store electrical energy, allowing the accumulation of the energy generated during periods of greatest energy supply, contributing to an efficient, continuous and reliable supply.

"This agreement marks our expansion into battery energy storage technology, establishing Atlas as an early adopter in Latin America. It demonstrates our commitment to innovative energy solutions and strengthens our position as a leader in sustainable technology for the energy transition of the region. The BESS del Desierto project is a key part of our strategy to improve energy reliability in the region through the advanced utilization of solar resources and offer customized energy solutions to our customers," said Carlos Barrera, CEO of Atlas Renewable Energy.

"This agreement aims to address a fundamental issue at the national level, specifically the inadequate provision of NCRE. Our approach revolves around innovation, adaptation and integration of technology. We strongly believe that this represents a significant solution to existing challenges within the system and marks another crucial step towards our commitment to the energy transition," said Vannia Toro, CEO of EMOAC.

In just a few years, Atlas Renewable Energy has developed projects in the region with a clear long-term orientation, both with its commercial partners and at the supply level to regulated customers. The company has contracted 5,243 MW of installed renewable energy capacity, which contributes to the region's energy transformation towards cleaner energy sources, and is now a pioneer in the implementation and use of battery energy storage systems in Chile, after having signed two of the largest agreements in the country and Latin America using this technology. The company hopes to continue consolidating and expanding to other regions with innovative and sustainable energy projects.

About Atlas Renewable Energy

Atlas Renewable Energy is an international renewable energy generation company with around 5.6 GW of renewable energy assets, of which 2.7 GW are operational. Atlas has specialized in the development, financing, construction and operation of renewable energy projects since early 2017. The company has an experienced team with deep experience in the global energy market and in renewable energy, with the longest track record in the renewable energy industry in Latin America.

The company's strategy focuses on helping large corporations make the energy transition to clean energy. Atlas Renewable Energy is widely recognized for its high standards in the development, construction and operation of large-scale projects, as well as its deep and long-standing track record in ESG and sustainable development.


Since 2012, EMOAC has been a national leader in Comprehensive Energy Intelligence, offering its clients energy marketing services and advice on energy projects, as well as supply monitoring and management technologies that allow the digitalization of its clients' value chain. In 2020 EMOAC became COPEC's 100% renewable energy marketer, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability. In 2023, EMOAC became the marketer with the most energy withdrawals registered in the system and with the largest number of free clients certified by the National Electrical Coordinator for the use of 100% clean energy, thus reaffirming its commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

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