STATEMENT: Boom in combined micropigmentation treatments and hair transplants in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Boom in combined micropigmentation treatments and hair transplants in Spain

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 1, 2023.

The National Institute of Micropigmentation (INM), leader in hair micropigmentation in Spain, reports a significant increase in the incidence of people opting for the combination of hair micropigmentation and hair transplants. This trend reflects a growing demand for comprehensive solutions for the treatment of alopecia, both nationally and globally.

In 2023, the average cost of a hair transplant in Spain stands at 5,480 EUR, with a total of approximately 44.5 million transplants worldwide in the same year. Hair micropigmentation has established itself as an essential technique, improving aesthetic results both before and after transplants, increasing hair density and hiding scars. Before transplantation, micropigmentation details the areas of lower density for precise surgical planning. Subsequently, it is crucial to improve the appearance of areas with lower hair density and to hide scars, especially in techniques such as FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) with sapphire blades and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). The FUSS technique is faster and cheaper, but requires a longer recovery time and can leave visible scars on short hair, 89% covered by micropigmentation. In the case of the FUE technique with sapphire blades, used in large areas, capillary redensification is also performed. The DHI technique, for its part, offers a method of direct hair implantation that can also be combined with micropigmentation. It is important to note that between 60 and 70 percent of the interventions are performed using the FUE technique, this being the most common in hair transplant procedures. The INM serves patients from all over Spain, including those undergoing hair transplants in Turkey and Spain, offering post-surgical reconstructions through micropigmentation. This detailed and personalized attention guarantees results that improve both physical appearance and emotional well-being. At the National Institute of Micropigmentation (INM), special attention is paid to the individuality of each patient, highlighting the importance of personalized treatment for alopecia. With a focus on the unique needs of each case, both men and women, the INM facilitates personalized consultations. This online platform has established itself as a fundamental resource for those seeking expert guidance on alopecia and its treatments. They offer both video consultations and in-person consultations. In these sessions, the Institute's specialists evaluate the patient's degree of alopecia and determine the most appropriate micropigmentation technique according to each specific situation. The evaluation is key to defining the most effective treatment strategy, adapting to the various manifestations of alopecia. The advanced techniques of the INM, applied after a thorough and personalized diagnosis, ensure optimal treatments. Cristina Barriga Ramos, representative of the INM, comments: "at the INM, each case of hair loss is treated in a unique way. Alopecia is an experience very personal, and the goal is to provide solutions that not only enhance the image, but also strengthen the self-confidence and emotional well-being of clients."About the National Institute of Micropigmentation (INM) Leader in the field of hair micropigmentation, the INM provides advanced and personalized hair loss treatments. Their team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, contributing significantly to improving the quality of life of their patients.

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