STATEMENT: CGTN: When stories embrace verses: a symphony of 'Poetry without borders'

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STATEMENT: CGTN: When stories embrace verses: a symphony of 'Poetry without borders'

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BEIJING, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In the embrace of another spring, as the Year of the Dragon approaches, CGTN's documentary series "Poetry Without Borders" returns for its third season, presenting a visual symphony of poetic prose.

The documentary series continuously embodies the creative concept and style of "when stories meet poetry." The program brings together nine guests from various nations, including the Turkish ambassador to China, İsmail Hakkı Musa, the Iranian ambassador to China, Mohsen Bakhtiar, the designated ambassador of Colombia to China, Sergio Cabrera, the Senegalese singer Big Makhou Djolof , the Argentine poet Guillermo Bravo, the Syrian theater actress Abeer Bitar, the Chinese poet Zhai Yongming, the blind Chinese pianist Mou Xingshui and the Russian poet Chudnova Irina, each with their own cultural background and life trajectory. Listen to them describe the vivid stories of their lives. The series methodically weaves the essence of poetry, adapted to the character of each protagonist and the different life path.

The inaugural episode of the documentary series "Home" invites the public to perceive the memories around the concept of home, exploring its definition from different perspectives. Home could be a special book or a unique painting brought from the homeland by an Argentine poet. It could also be the passionate cry of a young Senegalese man who, far from his roots, contemplates the reasons for illegal immigration and poverty and strives to rebuild life in his homeland for love of his homeland. . Home is not simply a dwelling place for the body, but a sanctuary for the heart.

The second episode, "Life," focuses on love and faith in life, observing how individuals persist in seeking breakthroughs and leaps on the winding path of existence. It will follow the narrative of a theater actress in the war-torn ruins of Syria, fighting to survive. Despite performing on a nearly demolished stage, her eyes are always filled with a gleam of hope.

The audience will also witness the journey of a poet who, captivated by poetry since she learned to read, spent 40 years constantly expanding the boundaries of her poetic realm. With quiet but sharp words, she shares cutting-edge literature and art, contemplating the future, meditating on death, and reflecting on survival.

The third episode, "Dreams," guides the audience into a unique tapestry of life, witnessing how a Russian poet discovers the poetic essence of dreams within China's 24 traditional solar terms through the flow of time, and dreams are represented with lyrical beauty by the poet. The third episode also takes you on the journey of a blind pianist from Xiamen who, through music, finds the bright dreams of life.

Through the Iranian ambassador's recitation, witness the resonance between the verses of the Chinese poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the renowned 13th century Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi, as the poetry and its rhythms weave a colorful thread connecting countless dreams in the ancient river of human civilization.

Broadcast from February 5 to 7, "Poetry without borders" invites you to enter the field of poetry. Three episodes will be distributed globally on all CGTN platforms, China Media Group's new media platforms and international platforms.

Join us to hear tales intertwined with verse, stories that embrace and dance with poetry. Let the verses, moving and expressive, accompany us towards another blossoming spring.

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