STATEMENT: FCC Medio Ambiente renews its commitment to the city of San Sebastián

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FCC Medio Ambiente renews its commitment to the city of San Sebastián

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The company is awarded the new waste collection contract. All vehicles will be newly acquired and sustainable, 40% completely electric. The new service aims to reach 65% recycled waste by 2035

Madrid, November 7, 2023.- The San Sebastián City Council has awarded the UTE RSU Donostia, led by FCC Medio Ambiente, the new contract for the city's urban solid waste collection. The service, which the company has been providing uninterruptedly since 1990, represents a portfolio of 67.3 million euros for the next 10 years.

The new contract, which will serve more than 187,800 residents of San Sebastián, implements 33 newly acquired sustainable vehicles, 40% of which will be 100% electric, and will incorporate several units of the multi-award-winning ie-Urban truck, on the industrial electric mobility chassis-platform for urban services developed by FCC Medio Ambiente. These new vehicles will imply a drastic reduction in noise, polluting and CO2 emissions, a sign of the commitment of the San Sebastián City Council to the fight against climate change and the achievement of the demanding environmental objectives established by the European Union.

The renovation has several main technical focuses: reaching 65% recycled waste by 2035, designing a flexible service that adapts to the constant and necessary evolution of waste generation in the city, minimizing the impact and inconvenience of the service on the daily life, or make simple tools available to municipal technical services that allow them to know at all times the status and evolution of tasks.

The service has 70 people on staff and plans to annually collect more than 53,000 tons of waste from the rest, organic, cardboard and bulky waste fractions. Selective collection currently represents 41.1%, and only with the planned increase in differentiated collection of the organic fraction, it is expected to reach 57.42%. For certain remote areas, two-compartment trucks will be used, which allow the differentiated collection of two fractions to be carried out simultaneously, with the consequent savings in emissions, energy and carbon footprint.

The tasks will be organized and monitored through the comprehensive management platform for VISION services, developed exclusively by FCC Medio Ambiente, and which allows the control, monitoring and optimization of work and makes real-time interaction with requests possible. of neighbors and service incidents.

The company and the City Council are aware of the importance of citizen collaboration, which is why a battery of awareness campaigns and actions have been designed that seek to involve them and highlight the importance of their commitment to recycling and the state of cleaning of the city, whose main motto will be "Arduratu!" ("Take responsibility").

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