STATEMENT: Film and cultural personalities are committed to Veganuary 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Film and cultural personalities are committed to Veganuary 2024

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, December 29

There are only a few hours left until the start of the challenge proposed by the NGO Veganuary around the world: try eating vegan during the month of January. Dani Rovira, Clara Lago, Elisabeth Larena, Núria Gago, Nathalie Poza and David Pareja are just some of the popular faces who support the initiative and explain their reasons for doing so.

Cinema and cultural personalities join Veganuary 2024, which invites you to try a healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly diet for a month. The importance of feeling good "Being vegan is a decision that has brought a lot of happiness to my life" , declares the actress and writer Núria Gago. "If you are starting to ask yourself questions that are very uncomfortable for you about the way in which this society treats and consumes animals, Veganuary is your movement." Actress Elisabeth Larena considers Veganuary a great initiative: "I have always thought that they are It is the values ​​that give us confidence in ourselves and in the decisions we make. Thinking that every day I actively do something to help animals has given me meaning and strength. It's funny how something so easy makes me feel great." Health , sustainability, respect for animals For David Pareja, they are all advantages: "There are more and more studies and organizations that confirm what vegan people have been telling us for decades: that plant-based nutrition and a way of life without animal exploitation is good "for human beings, for the rest of the animals and for the planet. They are all benefits. It is in our hands that we are increasingly closer to that better future and to that less selfish and more empathetic world in which we want to live." "I join Veganuary because the impact of our decisions is enormous and I believe that with small gestures we can cause big changes. Having a month of guidance and support seems to me to be a great opportunity to transform our habits towards a diet that is more respectful of other animals and the planet," says actress Nathalie Poza. More than a grain of sand "Love has to do with with the ability to connect with gratitude, to open our hearts, to be humble enough not to put ourselves above anything or anyone. Because love is in everything and everyone and I think that is where the meaning of life lies... in learning to love. Well, I bring you news: veganism is love," says actress Clara Lago, who is founder, along with Dani Rovira, of the Ochotumbao Foundation. Actor and comedian Dani Rovira declares: "I join the Veganuary initiative because I think it is more important to convince than to win, especially in a non-invasive or authoritarian way, but rather by making people understand the importance of veganism for the sustainability of the planet and improving our treatment with the rest of the living beings of other species. The proposal to spend the month of January carrying vegan habits seems beautiful and very successful to me. Sometimes we collaborate on causes with the essence of "contributing my grain of sand", in this case, we could say, that Veganuary invites us to "remove our grain of cruelty" in the world. Link to register, for free, in the Veganuary 2024 challenge: 2024 press dossier:

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