STATEMENT: FISIO ACTIVE changes its name to KABAT: hot-cold effect roll-on available in all sales channels

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: FISIO ACTIVE changes its name to KABAT: hot-cold effect roll-on available in all sales channels

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The gel reduces inflammation and swelling, providing effective relief from muscle and joint pain. It has no contraindications and is distributed exclusively by Stratton

Madrid, January 30, 2024.- The fight against muscle pain is very common, since 95% of Spaniards experience it regularly. Now a new solution is coming to the market that promises to provide fast and effective relief. KABAT, the hot-cold effect roll-on gel, has reached sales channels after having been widely tested by rehabilitation professionals, sports professionals and physiotherapists.

Developed with a high-quality formulation based on natural, non-toxic and anti-allergic ingredients, KABAT is suitable for anyone suffering from pain caused by sprains, muscle stiffness, arthritis and joint pain. It has no contraindications and can be used regularly, making it an essential product for regular athletes. It is suitable from 3 years of age.

One of the main characteristics of KABAT is its roll-on format, which allows for easy and comfortable application. The gel is absorbed quickly, leaving a pleasant smell and a hot-cold sensation that provides almost immediate relief. Plus, it ensures clean, even application with no stains on clothing, making it a convenient option for on-the-go pain relief.

Back pain (85%) and neck pain (54%) are the most common muscle pain experienced by Spaniards, according to recent studies by the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists (AEF). With KABAT now available in all sales channels, those who suffer from this type of pain can find relief safely and naturally.

The name derives from the Kabat method, a physiotherapy technique that consists of quickly and suddenly extending the muscles involved in a movement passively. This method has proven effective in relieving muscle pain, making it the perfect inspiration for the name of this revolutionary roll-on gel.

"We are delighted to introduce KABAT to the market," says Felipe Armendáriz, Sales Director of Stratton, exclusive distributor of KABAT for all sales channels. "Its unique formulation and roll-on format make it a convenient and effective solution."

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