STATEMENT: Foster's Hollywood renews its menu with a collection of ten burgers that are pure flavor

Madrid, October 19, 2023.

STATEMENT: Foster's Hollywood renews its menu with a collection of ten burgers that are pure flavor

Madrid, October 19, 2023.-

In a world saturated with extravagant food trends, Foster's Hollywood wants to invite you to celebrate flavor and authenticity in every bite. And, instead of immersing oneself in a constant search for pleasure through posturing and superficiality, the brand defends the idea that true pleasure lies in a careful selection of ingredients, with each burger having an ingredient as the protagonist, which It translates into burgers that are pure flavor, without decorations or artifices.

Burger lovers are in luck, as Foster's Hollywood, the leading restaurant brand in American food in Spain, has launched a new collection of ten recipes that bring authenticity to the table and that are pure flavor, without any extra nonsense. . An invitation to rediscover the authentic meaning of an excellent burger, where simplicity and quality combine to offer an exceptional experience.

Each of the burgers in the collection has been meticulously designed together with the R&D department to highlight the richness of flavors without the need for excess and maintaining three main axes: simplicity, quality, and flavor. From the careful selection of meat to the choice of seasonings, each element has been chosen to complement and enhance, creating a perfect balance of simplicity and deliciousness.

A tribute to its emblematic recipe

It is common knowledge that one of the brand's most iconic dishes is the Bacon cheese fries, but what would you think if we told you that Foster's Hollywood has designed the perfect burger for those who are passionate about this delight? The brand new Bacon

carnivorous pleasure

For the most indecisive and passionate about meat who never know what type of burger to choose, the new Pulled pork burger will become your ideal companion. Made with shredded and smoked low-temperature roast beef and pork with BBQ sauce, it is combined with smoked cheddar, coleslaw and pickle, which will delight the most carnivorous.

Passion for avocado

Avocado burger combines juicy beef with the unmistakable flavor of fresh avocado, Mexican-style cheese and a unique blend of cilantro, onion and honey, all topped with an irresistible mayo-wey sauce and served on a soft classic bun. An experience created to delight the senses and satisfy lovers of this ingredient.

Truffle lovers

Truffle enthusiasts will find their perfect choice in Portobello

Bacon Lovers

Smoked bacon lovers can enjoy the Puro bacon burger, combined with beef, Monterrey Jack cheese, bacon jam sauce and smoked bacon mayo sauce on brioche-style bread.

For sybarites

In addition, the Benedictus burger is another perfect option to enjoy smoked bacon, combined with beef, grilled egg, Port onion, Hollandaise sauce and chives on brioche-style bread.

love for chicken

For those who prefer chicken burgers, the new Búfalo chicken burger is a true work of culinary art. This burger, made with crispy southern-style chicken, bathed in honey buffalo sauce, accompanied by coleslaw and topped with the irresistible blue cheese sauce on classic bun, is a flavor experience that will transport you to the heart of the southern United States .

For cheese addicts

The Cheese attack burger is an authentic cheese feast. With cheddar and smoked cheddar cheese, fried mozzarella and blue cheese sauce on brioche-style bread, this creation will become the whim of cheese lovers, offering an unmatched explosion of flavors and textures.

pure egg

For those who enjoy an explosion of flavors and a mix of textures when they bite, the BBQ egg burger is the ideal option. With double beef, grilled egg, smoked bacon, poached onion and BBQ sauce on classic bread.

Veggie flavor

And for those who are fans of 100% vegetable products, they have found their best friend in the Veggie burger. This veggie burger is the perfect choice for those who value the freshness and authenticity of the ingredients. The Burger, made with rice, quinoa and beans, is complemented with fresh avocado, veggie-style cheese, fresh vegetables and garden mayo sauce.

This renewal of its burger menu is the result of Foster's Hollywood's unwavering commitment to offering unique proposals, always highlighting the quality and authenticity that characterizes them so much. And each new recipe embraces a fundamental premise: having a main ingredient as its protagonist to achieve genuine and top-quality flavors, without adding any extravagant components.

About Foster's Hollywood:

Foster's Hollywood is the leading brand within the Casual Dining service concept in Spain. It was born in 1971 in Madrid by three partners who shared the dream of bringing the authentic flavor of America to Spain, giving rise to a new concept of international food. Since then, and in its brand evolution, it has been characterized by offering genuinely American dishes with intense flavors, based on constant innovation and adapted to the behavior of today's consumer.

Since 2014, Foster's Hollywood has been part of Alsea and currently has around 225 establishments in Spain, including its own and franchisees.

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