STATEMENT: GoChengdu: "Chengdu: More than pandas" held an event to promote cultural tourism

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: GoChengdu: "Chengdu: More than pandas" held an event to promote cultural tourism

(Information sent by the signatory company)

GoChengdu: "Chengdu: More than pandas" recently held an event to promote cultural tourism in Paris, Berlin and Madrid

MADRID, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --In Spain, the "Chengdu Tourist Station" was installed directly on the world's largest tour bus, City Sightseeing. In France, the cultural and artistic exhibition "The Arrival of the Pandas" premiered at the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris. In Germany, a huge billboard at Frankfurt airport with the slogan "Chengdu, nicht nur Pandas" (German for "Chengdu, more than pandas") caught the attention of tourists. Following China's recent unilateral visa exemption for Spain, France, Germany and six other countries, Chengdu quickly implemented eight measures to accelerate inbound tourism. It then embarked on a series of cultural tourism promotion activities in Paris, Berlin and Madrid, with the aim of inviting tourists from all corners of Europe and accelerating its transformation into a tourist destination city of international importance, with these three cities as central points.

Madrid: Inauguration of the "Chengdu Tourist Station" on tourist buses

When adorable pandas meet lively flamingos and spicy hotpot complements tasty ham, "Chengdu More Than Pandas" - the latest stop in Chengdu's cultural tourism promotion series - embarked from the starting point of the Southern Silk Route to Madrid, located on the Iberian Peninsula at the westernmost tip of Eurasia.

During the event, the opening ceremony of the overseas Chengdu tourist station attracted wide attention. Taking advantage of the world's largest sightseeing bus company, City Sightseeing, Chengdu established its overseas tourist station in Madrid. This is the first time that China uses foreign tour buses as tourist stations. In the future, as double-decker tourist buses travel through Madrid's most distinctive attractions and roads, the overseas Chengdu mobile tourist station will provide Spain and global citizens with tourist and cultural information about Chengdu in different stations and themes.

Paris: "Chengdu: More than Pandas"

Chengdu, the hometown of giant pandas, is much more than pandas. Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Qiu Wei shared the rich cultural heritage, abundant natural resources and relaxed lifestyle of Chengdu with European friends during the promotion event. He extended a special invitation and said: "We sincerely invite our European friends to stroll through the streets of Chengdu and experience the unique charm of 'Park City under the snowy mountains and the happiness of Chengdu in the fireworks.'"

The upcoming Chengdu 2024 World Horticultural Expo and 2025 Chengdu World Games also became highlights of this promotion event.

Berlin: "Chengdu defines happiness differently"

On March 22, in the middle of the bustling Frankfurt Airport, a huge billboard caught people's attention. The Chengdu-Frankfurt route is understood to be the first direct European route to resume after the pandemic. At the promotion seminar held in Berlin, "German precision" made it possible to deepen cultural exchanges between both countries. Professionals from the cultural and tourism industries of both countries freely exchanged opinions on the preferences of German tourists, their travel habits and the current tourism situation in Chengdu.

¡Europe, Chengdu is ready!

With China implementing unilateral visa-free policies for an increasing number of countries, inbound tourism is welcoming more opportunities. As of March 5, Chengdu received 488,000 inbound tourists, an increase of 3.68 times compared with the previous period.

As Chengdu vigorously promotes the resumption and expansion of international routes, it took the lead in resuming flights to Los Angeles in the western region and also restored important intercontinental routes such as Frankfurt, London and Sydney. Flight frequencies to destinations such as Rome, Melbourne, Cairo and Tokyo have increased, forming a preliminary network of intercontinental passenger transport routes covering Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. Chengdu's direct scheduled international (regional) passenger routes have been expanded to 48, ranking fourth nationwide and first in central and western China.

Chengdu, the best tourist city in China, is not only home to giant pandas but also offers endless beauties and wonders.

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