STATEMENT: Grupo Villarroel (VG) and Iberica Capital Partners (ICP) announce their Joint Venture

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Grupo Villarroel (VG) and Iberica Capital Partners (ICP) announce their Joint Venture

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Villarroel Group (VG) and Ibérica Capital Partners (ICP) join forces to launch Roel Homes (RH), a vehicle created to develop sustainable residences through disruptive innovation under ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) principles.

Madrid, January 5, 2024.- The Villarroel Group (VG) and Ibérica Capital Partners (ICP), a senior team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of real estate investment, development and financing, have embarked on an exciting journey of collaboration through a Joint Venture (JV) agreement. This powerful alliance aims to launch Roel Homes (RH), a real estate technology platform dedicated to the development of 1,000,000 buildable square meters of sustainable and efficient residences, defending the principles of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) at the real estate level. institutional.The genesis of this initiative arises from the collective vision of VG and ICP, which recognize the fundamental role that sustainable living spaces and innovation play in addressing contemporary global challenges. Roel Homes, as an institutional platform, will serve as a beacon of integration of new technologies in the real estate sector, focusing on accelerating disruption in the construction ecosystem, while rigorously adhering to ESG objectives. Planned to become fully operational in the second half of 2024, RH represents a milestone in responsible real estate development. This ambitious venture is under the direction of experienced key management from both VG and ICP. Matías Villarroel, director of VG, heads RH leadership from VG, while ICP has the respected leadership of Yves Horoit and Pablo Anderson, key figures driving RH's mission. Roel Homes (RH) envisions a future in which Sustainability is not a mere aspiration, but a fundamental cornerstone of residential development. From the beginning, RH has set the bold goal not only of building residences, but of fostering communities that lead strategies of sustainability, efficiency and harmony with their environment. Through a global approach that integrates advanced technology, ecological architecture and commitment to the community. RH aspires to redefine the paradigm of modern life. In the pursuit of sustainable development, RH is committed to integrating ESG principles into all facets of its operations. The emphasis on environmental management includes energy efficiency strategies, renewable resources, waste reduction and green spaces to create a unique living environment. The social aspect focuses on fostering inclusive communities, promoting wellbeing and ensuring that development has a positive impact on local people. Additionally, governance practices are designed to ensure transparency, accountability and ethical decision-making across all HR operations. This disruptive company marks a pivotal moment in the real estate landscape, underscoring the importance of having a global approach to advance the sustainable development goals. VG and ICP's commitment to forging this alliance not only exemplifies their dedication to responsible investing, but also signifies a broader industry shift toward sustainable and ethical business practices. "We are very excited about this Joint-Venture (JV), because our teams are very complementary and are fully aligned with a clear vision of becoming a disruptive force in a sector that requires a drastic transformation," says Matias Villarroel, Managing Partner of the Villarroel Group. As the global community faces challenges such as climate change and social inclusion, initiatives such as Roel Homes emerge as beacons of hope, demonstrating the viability and convenience of environmentally friendly real estate solutions. The amalgamation of experience, resources and vision brought by VG and ICP at Roel Homes, promises to set new benchmarks for sustainable development in the real estate sector. "Our prospects for future development have never been better and more secure thanks to the joint venture with Villarroel," confirms Pablo A. Anderson, CEO of Ibérica Capital Partners, and adds: "2024 could not have started under better forecasts." Issuer: Grupo Villarroel

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