STATEMENT: HORNEO ALACANT collaborates with CEDEC, a business consultancy, with the aim of strengthening its growth

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: HORNEO ALACANT collaborates with CEDEC, a business consultancy, with the aim of strengthening its growth

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, January 16, 2024.

HORNEO ALACANT is a family business founded 25 years ago in Alicante (Valencia) dedicated to the food sector, especially in the field of production and distribution of deep-frozen frozen foods nationwide.

Over the course of these years, the company has expanded its commercial offering to meet the needs of its clients. Thus, it offers a wide range of products based on traditional recipes made with ingredients of the highest quality, including pastries, savory foods, bread and other regional products. In addition to its headquarters in Alicante, HORNEO ALACANT has a series of its own strategically located branches, as well as a select network of distributors that cover the entire national territory to offer an efficient and close service to its customers. In recent years, the company has experienced great growth as a result of the work of a human team. very specialized and committed, the use of high quality raw materials and the improvement of its manufacturing processes. It is precisely this evolution that generated the need to reorganize the company in a more efficient way. Therefore, HORNEO ALACANT, S.L. was placed in the hands of CEDEC, Strategic Organization Consulting in management, direction and organization of family businesses and SMEs, with which it has collaborated since 2008, in different organizational improvement projects. In this new stage, the consultancy worked with the company in the preparation of a strategic plan, with the implementation of a functional structure to obtain better performance of the organizational structure, improve business profitability and have greater economic-financial control. All of this with the aim of creating solid foundations that strengthen this growth and help the company reach the highest levels of Business Excellence in its management. In its work, CEDEC makes the most efficient organizational systems available to companies. with the aim of strengthening its business results and working towards achieving Business Excellence. Thanks to its proven methodology, it works with and for entrepreneurs with the aim of effectively implementing, in companies of any size, professional and updated management through the application of its own techniques and work systems. Established in Spain since 1971, CEDEC has participated in projects of more than 46,000 companies, more than 13,000 in Spain, employing a staff of more than 300 highly qualified professionals in all its offices, 150 of which are in Spain. CEDEC is a member of the AEC, Spanish Association of Consulting Companies. With offices in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the Strategic Organization Consulting for family businesses and SMEs, CEDEC, is present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. The work of CEDEC as a consultancy specialist in strategic business organization, is reflected in the opinions of CEDEC and success stories offered by clients in a selfless manner and that can be consulted on the different websites of the countries where the company is established https://, with customer comments on its YouTube channel

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