STATEMENT: Huawei announces the winners of the XMAGE Awards 2023

SHENZHEN, China, Nov.

STATEMENT: Huawei announces the winners of the XMAGE Awards 2023

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei announced the 57 winners of the XMAGE Awards 2023. The competition, which highlights photographs taken with Huawei devices, named three Grand Prize winners, 17 Best in Category, 34 second winners and three Honorable Mentions.

This year's winners were selected from more than 600,000 entries received between April 7 and August 15 from entrants from nearly 100 countries. After China, the five countries with the highest number of registrants were Malaysia, Turkey, Poland, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. The most popular phone models used were HUAWEI P60 Pro, HUAWEI P40 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro.

The three Grand Prize-winning photographs that captured the hearts of the judges

The Grand Prizes were “Dragon Clouds” by Domcar Calinawan Lagto from the Philippines, “Airshow” by Piotr Cebula from Poland and “Fearless Eagle” by Dou Chuanli from China. Each winner will receive $10,000 (before taxes) from the XMAGE creation fund, to support their photography and encourage them to continue using Huawei devices in the future.

Judge's comment: Only when a photographer goes beyond conventional limits can we see scenes that are on the verge of disappearing, unusual or difficult to see. — Chen Xiaobo, ninth vice president of the China Photographers Association.

Judge's comment: The image raises more questions than it answers, exciting the viewer's imagination. Will the plane land safely or crash? Where is he going? Who is the silhouette of the man in the foreground? There is a sense of story development and movement in this photo that invites the viewer to fill in the gaps. — Jessica Hromas, Australian portrait photographer.

Judge's comment: In addition to what is outside, it is even more important to find the inside of the subjects, their characters or their emotions at that moment. We have seen many eagles in paintings, photographs and videos, but I will definitely always remember this one: it captures the true soul of the eagle. Beneath its plump, thick feathers are its piercing, intimidating eyes. — Pei Tongtong, Chinese fashion photographer.

New categories that inspire spectacular creativity

This year's competition featured a variety of categories including Night Walk, Portrait, Art

The 17 best-in-class winners and 34 runner-up winners were selected from each category and will each receive $1,500 and $1,000, courtesy of the XMAGE Creation Fund.

XMAGE Awards Showcase XMAGE's Professional Imaging Capabilities

The HUAWEI XMAGE Awards show how the XMAGE brand has inspired users' creativity when using mobile devices. Huawei sees mobile imaging as a powerful lens to view and capture life's precious moments and as a tool to stimulate visual ideas. Our mission is to empower users to unleash their creativity and continue to push the boundaries of mobile imaging.

The HUAWEI people glimpse into the photographers' visions of the world and their daily lives. Today, the XMAGE Awards has become a major global photography event, generating a wave of enthusiasm among people to express their emotions, radiate confidence and unleash "the power of the image" through mobile photography.

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