STATEMENT: Ignacio Purcell Mena: sustainable innovation in the oil industry

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STATEMENT: Ignacio Purcell Mena: sustainable innovation in the oil industry

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Ignacio Purcell Mena, a visionary in the oil sector, is transforming the industry with a strategy that integrates advanced technology and a strong commitment to sustainability

Madrid, April 15, 2024.- Ignacio Purcell Mena: technology and energy sustainability As a pioneer in the field of energy, Ignacio Purcell Mena has revolutionized the oil industry by implementing sustainable technologies and promoting responsible business ethics. His leadership at Black Star Petroleum has marked a before and after in how energy companies can prosper economically while actively protecting the environment. Technological innovation at the service of sustainability Under the management of Ignacio Purcell Mena, Black Star Petroleum has stood out for introduce technological innovations that optimize the use of resources and minimize the ecological impacts of oil extraction and processing. These advanced technologies have not only improved the company's operational efficiency, but have also set a new industry standard for commitment to sustainability. "The key to our success has been continued investment in technology that not only supports the business performance, but also takes care of the planet. Our vision is to be leaders in sustainability within the energy industry, demonstrating that economic growth can go hand in hand with environmental responsibility," explains Ignacio Purcell Mena.Ignacio Purcell Mena: commitment with education and social well-being In addition to his focus on sustainability, Ignacio Purcell has dedicated a considerable portion of his time and resources to philanthropy, especially in areas related to education and social well-being. Through his foundation, he has launched multiple initiatives that support quality education and promote sustainable practices among young communities. "I have always believed that as business leaders, we have an enormous responsibility not only to our shareholders, but to society at large." "This is why we invest in programs that educate and empower communities, preparing them for a more sustainable future," says Ignacio Purcell. Ignacio Purcell's Ethical Leadership: A Model for the Industry Ignacio Purcell Mena's leadership style has served as a model. to follow for many in the industry. His holistic approach to business management has proven that it is possible to be profitable while acting with integrity and responsibility. "My mission is to demonstrate that integrity and business success are not only compatible, but are fundamental to each other. In Black Star Petroleum, our commitment to ethics and social responsibility guides all decisions," concludes Ignacio Purcell. Ignacio Purcell Mena's track record in the field of innovation, social responsibility and sustainability reinforces his position as a visionary leader in the energy sector. Issuer: Ignacio Purcell Mena

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