STATEMENT: InterCloud reinforces its presence in Spain by adding connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid

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STATEMENT: InterCloud reinforces its presence in Spain by adding connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The new connectivity in Madrid gives greater flexibility to the growing demand from customers with operations in the country to gain greater control over where their data and workloads are stored. 45% of Spanish companies have already adopted a hybrid cloud strategy, and the InterCloud movement offers companies agile and flexible enterprise cloud connectivity. InterCloud connects large companies in Spain, such as AWS, Google, Azure and Microsoft, among others

Madrid, March 6, 2024.- InterCloud, a leading provider of software-defined cloud interconnection (SDCI), has reinforced its presence in the Spanish market with the incorporation of connectivity to Oracle Sovereign Cloud in Madrid. This move completes InterCloud's interconnection offer to the local regions of the main public cloud providers, establishing itself as the key partner for companies that develop highly complex hybrid multicloud environments in the country. According to the State of the Cloud in Spain 2023 report , 45% of Spanish companies have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy and 75% of organizations in Spain affirm that their cloud-based infrastructures are an enabler to achieve the agility that their businesses need. InterCloud has a strategic alliance with Oracle and has been a FastConnect partner since 2018. As Europe's only software-defined cloud interconnect (SDCI) provider, InterCloud customers connecting to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud will have access to cloud connectivity capabilities. , flexibility and regulatory expertise, helping them navigate the complexity of modern cloud environments and multicloud systems, while adopting new technologies. The move ensures that InterCloud continues to make it easier for companies to overcome specific challenges across a wide range of industries and markets. "Companies face a growing and changing regulatory landscape in terms of data processing and storage, and cloud providers such as Oracle, Amazon, Google or Azure have been opening local regions in Spain," says Alejandro Gutiérrez Millán, director Commercial for Southern Europe of InterCloud. "At InterCloud we have been ahead of the sector and, therefore, we already have the interconnectivity that companies need to develop their operations in the country and, therefore, in the EU environment." Spain: a growing market With the objective To simplify the complex process of connecting different cloud environments, data centers and branches, while ensuring high performance and security, InterCloud offers a series of services such as cloud interconnectivity and multicloud management. Thus, the company helps its clients optimize their network infrastructure, reducing costs and improving productivity, while providing them with a flexible and scalable solution. In a context in which IDC Spain foresees that the public cloud environment in Spain could bill 5,825 million in 2024, which represents a growth of 22%, InterCloud is committed to helping companies that land or expand in the country to streamline their network infrastructure, reducing costs and improving their productivity rates. With a With a team of professionals specialized in the sector and offices in France, the Netherlands and Spain, InterCloud helps design network architectures that can be made flexible and scaled as the cloud strategy demands. InterCloud works with global companies such as Airbus, Mutua Madrileña, SNCF, EDF, Schneider Electric, Rémy Cointreau and partners with the largest Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Google Cloud or IBM Cloud.

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