STATEMENT: MWC2024 Fiberhome presents cutting-edge innovations in Barcelona

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: MWC2024 Fiberhome presents cutting-edge innovations in Barcelona

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BARCELONA, Spain, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- FiberHome, focused its theme on "Connecting the bright digital future" at MWC2024. The company unveiled its latest advances in sky-land-sea integration capabilities, network evolution and digital transformation to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the current wave of digital transformation.

5G value networks: Implementable solutions in different scenarios

FiberHome is a comprehensive 5G solutions provider. The all-in-one series of products can simplify the network and reduce construction costs. By introducing the xGTTH2.0 solution, FiberHome significantly reduces initial investments, improving network flexibility and utilization, especially in building FWA networks.

5G Industry: Unlocking the Power

FiberHome introduced 5G applications designed for industries such as mining, petrochemicals, railways, transportation and achievements in high-capacity communications 5G-A, RedCap, deterministic networks and sensor fusion, strengthening applications in IoT production and positioning detection .

6G: Pioneers in future developments

As a major player in lMT-2030(6G), FiberHome exhibited its latest 6G RHS prototype antenna array and 6GHz technology verification platform, and participated in key technology tests, significantly contributing to 6G research and standardization.

Smart ON: Innovation for the post-400G era

FiberHome is driving optical networking into the 400G era, introducing technologies such as single wave speeds exceeding 800G/Tbps and multi-band S/C/L communication. Innovations such as the FiONE digital twin network engine and fiber vibration detection improve the efficiency, maintainability and robustness of network construction.

All-optical access: Connecting the digital future

Looking ahead to the 10 GE era, FiberHome offers comprehensive solutions for various scenarios. Leveraging FTTR, PON and POL technologies, the 50GPON system can facilitate a seamless network upgrade and reduce deployment costs. Furthermore, the MiniPON solution contributes to the rapid and cost-effective establishment of fiber broadband networks in remote rural areas.

Smart marine ecosystem: Efficient construction of marine networks

As a leader in marine network construction, FiberHome showcased its turnkey EPC service processes and production and manufacturing capabilities. The second generation submarine repeater has reached a transmission of 12,000 kilometers, while the ROPA fiber capacity reached 48 pairs and the system capacity 460 Tbps.

OFc Innovation: Support for industry development

As one of the world's leading fiber optic cable suppliers, FiberHome showcased its recent capacity strengths, including cutting-edge fiber products such as 19-core single-mode fiber for system transmission and 7-core for super network project. optics in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as high-capacity, low-loss hollow core fiber under development.

Digital empowerment: Improve production management efficiency

FiberHome introduced a full-stack digital technology service solution based on big data collection and analysis, offering applications such as production monitoring, parameter optimization, quality control and cost optimization, which can promote improving efficiency in production management.

Emergency Command: Contributing Chinese wisdom to overseas cities

The FiberHome DS Series integrated command center communication system combines voice, data and video dispatch methods, offering real-time event location, on-site and rear vision video communication, and intuitive visual dispatch. The system is applied in emergency scenarios such as disaster relief, fires and traffic accidents, contributing Chinese wisdom to public safety in overseas cities.

FiberHome is committed to collaborating with industry peers to explore practical solutions for the digital future and jointly promote sustained industry growth.

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