STATEMENT: Onum raises a $28 million investment round to help companies extract more value from their data

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STATEMENT: Onum raises a $28 million investment round to help companies extract more value from their data

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Onum helps companies add more value to their data, reducing infrastructure costs by up to 80%. The company will use the capital injection to hire top-level talent for its teams in Spain and the United States, with the aim of accelerating product development and fueling expansion in the US market.

Madrid, April 12, 2024.- Onum, the first truly agnostic real-time data observation platform, raises a Series A financing round of $28 million. The fundraising is led by Europe's leading B2B software investor, Dawn Capital, with participation from Kibo Ventures and Insight Partners. This capital injection will allow Onum to accelerate its plans for hiring, product development and its commercial expansion globally. The platform was launched in 2023 by Pedro Castillo, founder of Devo - the cloud analysis and security platform valued at more than 2 billion – and its partners, Lucas Varela and Pedro Tortosa. From the beginning, the founders had a clear vision: to give companies complete control over their data while offering real-time observation and orchestration, thus helping to reduce the amount of data that companies send to analysis platforms, SIM and SIEM, so that they only pay for what they really need. In a world where every company has an ever-growing pool of data and shrinking budgets, the Onum platform aims to offer a comprehensive solution. In this sense, the platform allows companies to discover the data they really need in real time to ensure that only valuable data is sent to analytics platforms for immediate management. This reduces the costs of storing and analyzing data that is not useful, and helps data analysis platforms work better, driving better management of the organization. Onum uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify the data that drives business and security impact, ensuring that anyone can achieve these improvements and cost savings in record time. The magnitude of this Series A fundraising is a testament to the power of Onum's product, the urgency of the problem, and the impact the platform has already had on its customers. These new funds will be used to make key strategic hires, which will serve as a boost for the US market. In the words of Pedro Castillo, founder and CEO of Onum: "we are entering a new chapter in the evolution of our company. This injection of capital will propel us forward on our rapid growth trajectory, allowing us to meet growing demand, strengthen R&D and scale our global go-to-market capabilities. Most importantly, these new funds will accelerate our ability to deliver even more value to more customers, helping them capitalize “We are incredibly excited to support Pedro and the team as they take their market-leading platform to the global level,” said Henry Mason, Partner at Dawn Capital. Onum can help businesses finally realize the enormous value of their real-time data and bring order to their data storage and infrastructure. We are confident that Pedro's excellent track record and experience in scaling Devo into a leader in data security make him the perfect person to build a global solution in this space." Aquilino Peña, Partner at Kibo Ventures states: "We are beyond excited and very proud to support Pedro and his team for the second time, after having worked together with him and Insight Partners at Devo for 8 years. The phenomenal and rapid adaptation of Onum's product to the market is a great indication of the company's future success. The intersection between the growing volume of data, orchestration capabilities, real impact and control, makes Onum an essential new layer in the data management stack." "We are delighted to continue supporting Onum's journey in pioneering the frontier of real-time data observability and orchestration. Onum's unique platform, coupled with Pedro Castillo's track record of success, positions the company for exponential growth," said Josh Zelman, Principal at Insight Partners. "We have seen Pedro build a world-class software business with Devo. and we believe you will do it again with Onum, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their data in real time, driving rapid and informed decision-making. “Insight Partners is proud to partner with Onum on their journey towards transforming the data landscape.”

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