STATEMENT: Original Paella will donate a paella for 1,000 people to celebrate a charity event

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Original Paella will donate a paella for 1,000 people to celebrate a charity event

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valencia, December 21, 2023.

The Valencian company, together with its most prominent suppliers, will select a non-profit entity with the aim of financing a project with social purposes

One of the best ways to raise funds for social purposes is to hold events, the Original Paella company knows this well, as it makes more than 25,000 servings of paella a year at large events and has collaborated on many events for social purposes since 2016. , which is why he wants to continue contributing by doing "his bit" by selecting an entity for which to make a paella for 1,000 people for free. The prize, valued at more than €4,500, is open to all social projects of any NGO or non-profit entity (foundations, associations, etc.) from which a committee will select the winning entity or project, the objective will always be that of helping those most disadvantaged groups and forgotten by society and that is why its call opens during these Christmas periods, characterized by generosity towards those who need it most. Javier Baixauli, CEO of Original Paella, has mentioned: "We would like that everyone could do their part in this event, and the way to help us is to spread the word about this award so that we can choose the best project to benefit our society, since we all have a friend, family member or neighbor that we can help with this prize." Collaborating in this donation are the food distribution company, Helados y Congelados del Mediterraneo (Hecomed), the rice producing company, Arrocerías Antonio Tomas, which will provide the ingredients and rice necessary to carry out the paellas with the best quality, using the best local products. In addition, the Federico Doménech company will contribute to disseminating the event through its media, while Original Paella will provide the necessary technical equipment and the coordination of the group of volunteers of the "solidarity paellas". The organizational entities have extensive experience in this type of events since they have promoted other solidarity paellas such as the Ca La Mare Association (solidarity paella for 3,000 people in 2016 for a Guinness record diaper cake ), Bonagent Association (solidarity paella for 2,000 people in 2019 for groups with intellectual disabilities), having collaborated with other entities such as: multiple sclerosis foundation, Alex's smile (childhood cancer prevention), southeastea (autism), etc. The deadline to present candidatures is 3 months, starting this 12-21-2023 and ending next 3-21-2024, and you can consult the bases to participate here. Once the deadline for submitting candidatures has ended, the deliberation commission will have a maximum period of 20 days to communicate the selected entity. The deliberation commission is made up of: D. Javier Baixauli, CEO of OriginalPaellaD. Mariano Selfa, manager of HecomedD. María Luz Tomas, manager of Arrocerías Antonio TomasD. Chema Ferrer, coordinator of Eat and Drink (Las Provincias)About Original Paella It is the main company specialized in the 360º of paella, its main activity is the export of paella pans, gas burners and a wide range of utensils and ingredients to prepare the most exquisite paellas anywhere in the world, it also has a Catering division of giant paellas, rental of paella equipment, and is also dedicated to training rice masters

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