STATEMENT: The leading food distributor in the Romanian market, DRIM Daniel Distributie FMCG, joins Żabka Group

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The leading food distributor in the Romanian market, DRIM Daniel Distributie FMCG, joins Żabka Group

(Information sent by the signatory company)

This year, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Żabka Group concluded the acquisition of a majority stake, forming a partnership with one of the main players in the distribution of consumer goods in Romania: DRIM Daniel Distributie. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

POZNAŃ, Poland, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With over 10,000 stores, door-to-door delivery, digital solutions and serving over 3 million customers daily, Żabka Group is a leading name in modern convenience across Europe .

Żabka Group's entry into the Romanian market is the result of constant development of a convenience concept and ecosystem with expansion potential in European markets. The international expansion is aligned with the comprehensive growth strategy adopted by the Group in 2021. After obtaining regulatory approvals from the Romanian authorities for the transaction, the priority will be to continue with an accelerated development of DRIM, driven by the combination of the strong market position of DRIM with the experience in convenience retailing and the financial strength of Żabka Group.

- We are building a partnership with the company that benefits from the immense trust of its business partners and customers in the domestic market, but also grows by respecting the standards to which we are committed at Żabka. Shared values, mutual respect and trust form a solid foundation for a strategic partnership and the ambitious projects we have in our plans. We have dedicated the last quarter of a century to dynamic growth in Poland and today we embark on the next stage, which is to start operating in a new European market - said Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group.

The growth trajectory and future development potential of the Romanian market, together with the consumer profile similar to that of Poland, positions Romania as a natural geographical direction for the Group's expansion. This innovative step arises after an in-depth analysis of the Romanian market and studies of local consumer preferences. Through operational presence in this market, Żabka Group will gain knowledge and experience, allowing informed decisions on possible future investments in Romania and the selection of suitable areas for the development of the Group's extensive portfolio.

- This is a strategic investment that provides the entire Group with a unique perspective for further development and access to the new market through a partnership with one of the largest local distributors of FMCG products. The partnership with DRIM will certainly contribute to increasing our potential to offer innovative solutions to our customers and partners, enable further diversification of our operations and provide additional growth – commented Tomasz Blicharski, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Żabka Future/ EVP.

- My family and I are very excited about our partnership with Żabka Group. We believe it is a step that will take our organization to the next level. The foundation of this partnership is very solid, as we share very similar values, we are aligned with the opportunities of the Romanian market and we are driven by the enthusiasm necessary to take advantage of those opportunities.

What greatly influenced our decision to partner with Żabka is the immense possibilities available to our key stakeholders: customers, employees and suppliers - said Radu Trandafir, Chief Strategy Officer at DRIM Daniel Distributie FMCG.

DRIM Daniel Distributie is a family business with extensive experience in the industry, which is highly respected in Romania and is currently managed by the second generation of successors of the founders. In nearly 30 years of operation, it has built advanced logistics infrastructure and solidified its position as a trusted partner between suppliers and brick-and-mortar store owners. As a result, it has become one of the largest distribution networks for consumer goods products in the local market, employing more than 800 people and supplying around 12,000 traditional retail stores.

The Żabka retail brand was established in 1998. Since 2021, the company operates as Żabka Group, which consists of three main business units: Żabka Polska, Żabka Digital and Żabka Future, supported by the Strategic Leadership team that defines financial strategies , personal and consumer. Żabka Polska continues to focus on retail operations for 25 years and is primarily responsible for the operational and commercial aspects of the Group, including the management and development of a modern convenience store network and the Group's national logistics network. Żabka Future aims to create new companies that support the development of the group. Meanwhile, Żabka Digital is responsible for accelerating the construction of the most advanced digital convenience ecosystem and seeking synergies between mature digital businesses in our portfolio through technology. The Group strategically develops its responsibilities by integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into its commercial strategy. As part of its sustainability strategy, Żabka Group has committed to areas such as good nutrition, services that facilitate sustainable living, business development, strengthening organizational culture, corporate governance, circularity and decarbonization. Link to the 2022 Responsibility Report:

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