STATEMENT: Pikolin celebrates its 75th Anniversary

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Pikolin celebrates its 75th Anniversary

(Information sent by the signatory company)

90% of children say they live with great enthusiasm, according to the study commissioned by Pikolin to support the new campaign, while only 50% of adults do so. Pikolin has had the advice of Amaya de Miguel, an expert in family education and director of the Online School for Parents: Relax and Educate. With 75 years of experience behind it, the brand is committed to enthusiasm as a lever for the future for the next 75 years

ZARAGOZA, February 15, 2024.- Pikolin celebrates its 75th Anniversary with its eyes set on the future, its new campaign appeals to one of the most universal emotions: excitement. The family business founded in Zaragoza invites us to follow the example of children and face the future with enthusiasm. This 2024, in which the brand turns 75, the company has focused on the future, inviting us to recover our enthusiasm. The brand has prepared a study in which it has had a demographic sample of children and adults of different ages, which shows how discouragement increases as we get older.Likewise, Pikolin has had the advice of Amaya de Miguel, an expert voice in the child communication and family counseling and creator of Relax and Educate, the online school for parents to reinterpret their findings: "To have quality of life it is necessary to identify what makes us feel good and put it into practice whenever we can," she says From Miguel.According to the study carried out by Pikolin, "2 out of every 3 adults envy the excitement with which children live." From the same study it is also extracted that "80% of adults believe that enthusiasm is a personal attitude and we must fight for it." "Children are an inspiring example for adults because they keep the illusion intact every day. We have a lot "We have to reflect and learn from them, and as adults, we should not deprive them of those moments of excitement in which they pursue their dreams, their passions or simply the things that make them happy. It is our duty as adults to protect this childhood treasure and promote it," says the Marketing and Communication Director of Pikolin, Ana Robledo Pascua. Almost half of Spaniards (45%) consider that "having activities in their daily lives that they are passionate about would be a good reason to start the day better." Regarding the relationship between parents and their children, the study states that "only 1 in 10 interviewees with children claim to know their children's dreams perfectly" but "6 in 10 feel the duty to be guardians of their children's dreams." of their children". "Pikolin's study shows us that it is not grandiloquent things that produce our well-being. For many adults, getting up with a soft alarm, having a good breakfast or listening to music are small actions that increase our well-being. Therefore, identify what makes you feel well and do it more often," argues Amaya de Miguel as a conclusion to the study prepared by Pikolin. In celebration of the brand's anniversary, Pikolin, with its gaze on the future, immortalizes its career in a book published by Grupo Pikolin, which details the evolution of a brand that, from its humble beginnings with 8 workers in a workshop in Zaragoza in 1948, has built a solid reputation thanks to its commitment, passion and vision for the future and has become the second European rest group. More information:

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