STATEMENT: The eighth edition of the Geyser Forum highlights the responsibility of companies and organizations in the face of change

Tenerife, November 14, 2023.

STATEMENT: The eighth edition of the Geyser Forum highlights the responsibility of companies and organizations in the face of change

Tenerife, November 14, 2023.

Under the theme Regenerative Economy, Geyser Innovation and Responsible Business Forum will bring together experts in innovation, humanistic, social and sustainable development from companies such as Samsung, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Underwater Gardens and IE University to discuss the future of organizations and their responsibility for change.

The Auditorium of Tenerife will host, on November 23, the eighth edition of the Forum, which will have an extended agenda during the day, with presentations in the morning and the presentation of projects with local impact in the afternoon, which will be enjoyed in a in person or by streaming.

Since its birth in 2015, Geyser Forum for Innovation and Responsible Business has brought together, in its previous editions, more than 2,500 attendees around more than forty presentations made by names of organizations, such as McCann World Group, IBM, Cabify, Genially , Facebook, Sage, Google, Beta-i, eBay, Fnac, Uber, IDEO, Llorente

The entire amount raised from the sale of tickets to the Forum will go, this year, to the Kilian Jornet Foundation, whose mission and work focus on preserving mountains and their environment around the planet.

(Santa Cruz de Tenerife, November 13, 2023.-) Geyser Innovation and Responsible Business Forum brings together, on November 23 at the Tenerife Auditorium, the main professionals, belonging to the areas of innovation and social impact, of top-level national and international companies, in a meeting open to participation and cooperation. The eighth edition of this forum, a reference in the field of organizations that advocate for a positive impact on society, will revolve around the concept of Regenerative Economy, whose analysis will be addressed from different approaches, such as natural resources, the transformation of organizations , technology with purpose or TEAL organizations.

What is a humanistic economy? The reasons behind posing this question and its multiple answers will be discussed and debated in this edition, which will feature five speakers belonging to various areas linked to innovation and the social dimension of organizations such as Samsung, Microsoft

"Where before we talked about responsibility, now we talk about regeneration," says Pablo Marrero (co-founder of Geyser Forum for Innovation and Responsible Business). "The regenerative economy is a model that seeks to create a sustainable and prosperous system in the long term. Based on the principles of regeneration and restoration, we seek to return natural and economic systems to a state of balance and well-being."

Unlike the traditional economy, the regenerative economy focuses its efforts and innovative interest on sustainability and seeking cooperation, instead of unlimited economic growth. Geyser Forum for Innovation and Responsible Business will once again have the purpose of being an essential meeting between professionals from organizations, entrepreneurs and students to address the concept of sustainability, not only from the environmental point of view, but through the importance of the Triple Balance; one in which we aspire to achieve an evolutionary, sustainable, constant and collaborative business culture, as if it were a living organism. "A challenge for the growth of organizations," says Marrero.

The 2023 agenda of the Geyser Forum, which can be followed in person from the Tenerife Auditorium, or via streaming format, will have two main moments; the first part of the day, dedicated to his classic Inspirational Talks, with relevant professionals from the field of innovation and business organization, such as Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Head of Brand Strategy

The Geyser Innovation and Responsible Business Forum is an initiative held since 2015 in Tenerife, with the aim of bringing the know-how of leading companies in people-centered innovation to organizations and professionals from anywhere in Spain. In each of its past editions, the event has brought, with the aim of generating knowledge and recognition among attendees about the management models, techniques and trends around the humanistic, circular and regenerative economy, to management positions from areas and advanced companies in fields as diverse as healthy organizations, conscious futures or talent generation.

Throughout its seven years of development, the Geyser Forum, at its annual meeting, has inspired more than 2,500 participants, who have listened to more than forty speakers from organizations such as McCann World Group, IBM, Cabify, Genially, Facebook, Google , FNAC or MIT Technology Review, among others, in a continuous search for answers to the future.

And it has continued through its platform with video interviews with professionals who share knowledge from their experience in companies such as Platzi, IDEO, INNUBA, Lefevre, IKEA, Auara, SIGNUS, Triodos Bank, Zapiens, Electronic Frontier Foundation, IAVI, EBBF, Impact Hub Madrid, Diagonal Estudio or UNWTO, World Tourism Organization.

Since 2018, Geyser Forum for Innovation and Responsible Business has been committed to and promotes fundraising through participation in the meeting, seeking to support entities that work for the common good. In the words of Pablo Marrero, "it is not a mere altruistic action, it is part of the philosophy of this event and a way to support the work of professionals who dedicate their lives to generating positive changes in society."

The eighth edition of the Forum will allocate 100% of the contributions and proceeds from ticket sales to the Kilian Jornet Foundation, whose main mission is to preserve the mountains and their surrounding natural environments, through actions aimed at rethinking production models. , social, work and even sports, whose development has a direct impact on the environment, so that they are more fair and equitable for nature.

Registration for the forum, both in person or online, as well as the channeling of donations to this solidarity project, can be carried out through the project website.

Geyser Innovation and Responsible Business Forum is an action promoted by BIPLAZA, consulting and advice for companies in the Canary Islands. The annual development, since 2015, of this non-profit forum seeks to provide value through top-level training and the search for generating synergies between people who lead organizations at the national level, in an environment that enhances and reinforces innovation. , transformation and ESG criteria as responses of organizations (present and future) to future challenges.


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