STATEMENT: The Real Madrid vs. Liverpool match makes the capital one of the best destinations, according to Ticket Time

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STATEMENT: The Real Madrid vs. Liverpool match makes the capital one of the best destinations, according to Ticket Time

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Spain, March 10, 2023.

The Real Madrid vs Liverpool match makes the capital one of the best destinations according to Ticket Time

March 15 is marked as a key date in Real Madrid's calendar because they will have their second leg against Liverpool in the Champions League Round of 16 phase. Although the white team has already done the most difficult thing: beating Liverpool away from home, this match is still important both for the team and for its fans and for the city that hosts it. A match of these characteristics translates into benefits for tourism and the Madrid hotel industry. Although the Spanish capital is already one of the favorite destinations to enjoy live sports, in this case and with a match of this caliber, the influx of visitors increases considerably. To begin with, more than 80,000 spectators will enjoy the match inside the stadium. The mobilization of so many fans means that hotel occupancy in Madrid is at 85% for these dates. Tourism for sporting events generates more than 4.5 million euros, a figure related to the development of corporate tourism. Many companies opt for acquiring sports tourism experiences to encourage their workers. This is a new trend within team building that goes beyond a simple trip. In this type of experience, company activities such as seminars or motivational talks are combined with recreational options such as tasting sessions or gymkhanas, and, of course, tickets to go see a football match. Providing economic benefits to meeting spaces and leisure companies specialized in team building activities. But not only those who have obtained tickets for Real Madrid vs Liverpool are the ones who will enjoy the match: almost twice as many people will also follow it on the premises surrounding the stadium. In the establishments that will broadcast this match, fans will be able to celebrate the victory of the city's main team while trying a varied gastronomic offer for all kinds of budgets. Not only the area near the stadium will benefit from this event. Madrid in its entirety will become a true ode to football. The locals of the Plaza Mayor await the arrival of Liverpool fans who gather at this point to support their team. In addition, if the forecasts come true and Real Madrid win the match, the Cibeles Fountain will be the place where the fans will celebrate the victory, continuing the party through the bars and pubs in the center. According to the report on the Economic, Fiscal and of professional football in Spain, prepared by the consultancy PwC for LaLiga, the establishments that broadcast football matches at their premises, received more than 1,200 million euros. To which must be added another more than 300 million euros that the fans leave in the bars of the bars surrounding the stadiums. Thus, a match as important as the one that will be held in the capital on March 15 will bring many benefits to the city and tourism, improving its figures for Easter. This sporting event will contribute to positioning Madrid as one of the best sports tourism destinations. With the collaboration of Buscatea Author: Patricia Ordiz Polo

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