RELEASE: Travelport acquires Deem, bolstering its investment in modern retail and corporate travel

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Travelport acquires Deem, bolstering its investment in modern retail and corporate travel

(Information sent by the signatory company)

LANGLEY, UK, March 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Travelport, a global technology company that manages travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel providers around the world, today announced the acquisition of Deem, a platform corporate travel management leader. Since the launch of the company's next-generation marketplace, Travelport, Travelport has continued to invest in innovation, with the Deem acquisition being the latest example of this.

"Travelport's acquisition of Deem will fill the growing post-pandemic need for an integrated corporate tool that provides access to all content from multiple sources, including NDC," said Greg Webb, CEO of Travelport. "We've focused on investing in technology innovation, and Travelport has simplified agency workflow, improved the way travel content is curated, and made modern travel retail possible. Now, with the acquisition of Deem, Travelport will provide corporate travel with award-winning and complementary tools that are as revolutionary, modern and easy to use as Travelport."

Formerly owned by Enterprise Holdings, a leading provider of mobility solutions, Deem has long been recognized as the leading modern technology for the corporate travel industry. Named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2022, Deem has pioneered its suite of online travel and reservation technology products for business travelers, travel managers, travel management companies and suppliers, making the corporate travel experience more efficient for everyone. Deem has continued to increase its share of the corporate travel business, and Travelport's investment is intended to further accelerate that growth on a global scale.

"Deem is pleased to join the Travelport family," said David Grace, Deem's CEO. "We are proud of the growth and success that Deem has achieved in recent years. The acquisition by Travelport will enable a strong future of global growth for Deem and help accelerate the delivery of travel management solutions in a rapidly evolving industry. We want to express our sincere thanks to our customers, as well as recognize the hard work and dedication of our Deem team members."

Travelport established itself as a leader in NDC by launching the industry's first comprehensive solution for American Airlines NDC content. Travelport plans to consolidate its leadership position by implementing rapid technical integration to enable Deem's access to NDC offerings, products and services. Access to this content is becoming critical for travel agencies, businesses and travelers, especially in North America, where airlines are starting to move some content exclusively to NDC. This acquisition will dramatically improve Deem's speed to market, allowing it to seamlessly integrate content from multiple sources.

"We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for Deem's employees, partners and customers, and we look forward to welcoming them to Travelport," added Webb. "Having a single source for all content in a single corporate tool has been a number one goal for our clients for a long time. Together with the Deem team, Travelport will deliver that."

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About Travelport: Travelport is a global technology company that manages reservations for hundreds of thousands of travel providers around the world. Travel buyers and sellers are connected by the company's next-generation marketplace, Travelport , which simplifies the way brands connect, upgrades the way travel is sold, and enables modern digital retail. Headquartered in London, UK, with a presence in more than 180 countries around the world, Travelport is focused on driving innovation to simplify the complex ecosystem of travel.

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