STATEMENT: The startup Bouncer Digital creates an app that protects minors from accessing adult content

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: The startup Bouncer Digital creates an app that protects minors from accessing adult content

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 26

The Spanish startup's technology is capable of reading more than 1,500 documents from 250 different countries and uses biometrics and Artificial Intelligence to prevent identity fraud and protect minors

Half of children under 13 years of age in Spain have consumed pornography at least once and 7 out of 10 adolescents do so regularly, according to a report by Save The Children. Given this situation, global age verification initiatives have emerged in recent months as an unstoppable force to protect minors from accessing adult online content. At the European level, the new EU Digital Services Law (DSA) has already come into force, which poses important sanctions for those websites with adult content that do not comply with the standard and do not prioritize the protection of minors online. At the national level, the Government has just announced that this will also be one of the main priorities for 2024 and that the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and the National Mint and Stamp Factory are already working on it.The Spanish startup Bouncer Digital has developed a universal technological solution for the digital validation of identities and the age of majority of users. Through the use of biometric technology for facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent impersonation and the scanning of official documents, the Spanish company creates a digital identity of the user that allows or denies access to products and services restricted to of legal age on the internet. All of this from the user's own mobile device, which is responsible for carrying out all the operations from a secure environment for them. The process is quick and simple. To access a website with adult content, the user must first download the Bouncer Digital app for iOS and Androd, which is free and does not require any type of registration. Then you must take a selfie with your mobile phone for biometric reading, scan an official document (the solution is global and supports more than 1,500 official documents from 250 countries and in 138 languages) and read the document chip using NFC technology. your device. Finally, the application will validate the user's identity and allow or deny access to the content. "We are facing a big problem that puts minors at risk and that continues to worsen year after year due to the lack of restrictions on content." "for adults. It is necessary to have stricter regulations, both globally and locally, to protect minors as soon as possible not only from pornography, but also from other sectors such as alcohol, tobacco or gambling." , says Jorge Bardón, CEO of Bouncer Digital. "Solutions like ours have already allowed many companies in these sectors to anticipate regulation and their users to have a secure ecosystem for their personal data."Privacy and security of personal data Bouncer Digital technology combines two of the elements most critical to solving the problem, respect for privacy and the protection of minors. By complying with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), user data during the validation process is anonymized, so it cannot be used either by the company itself or by third-party collaborating companies. The solution establishes in the mobile device a validation of majority. When the user wants to use that device to access a website with adult content or any other product intended for adults on the Internet (alcohol, gambling, etc.), the device only shares an anonymous approval OK if the user is of legal age or an anonymous KO of rejection if he is not. This approach ensures that the device does not disclose the user's personal data and remains untraceable in future browsing sessions.

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