STATEMENT:SG Tech sponsors the 5th International CIO Congress with APD

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT:SG Tech sponsors the 5th International CIO Congress with APD

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The event will take place on November 7 and 8 at the Galicia Conference and Exhibition Center and will bring together more than 600 managers, who will focus on the new scenario posed by the technological revolution at a social and corporate level.

Madrid, November 7, 2023.- Great experts in technological innovation will debate for two days about the new scenario posed by the technological revolution and the new challenges that companies will have to face to maintain their level of competitiveness in the market.

The president of the Galicia Council, Alfonso Rueda, intervened at the inauguration of the congress, accompanied by the Council, general director of APD, Enrique Sánchez de León; and the President of Abanca, Juan Carlos Escotet Rodríguez.

More than 600 managers will participate in this event to focus on the new scenario posed by the technological revolution, both at a social and corporate level. The challenge that companies face in this new current scenario is to integrate the changes determined by the technological impact in their processes in order to remain visible in the market and remain competitive.

In addition, this event also seeks to highlight the role of the CIO as a key figure in the alliance between technology, management and business strategy.

The event is organized into six thematic blocks, which represent six revolutions posed by the new environment determined by constant technological transformation.

The congress will be held in a plenary room and 5 additional rooms.

In the main plenary session, the six thematic blocks that make up the congress will be debated, one of these blocks is focused on the optimization of the data system: Data leadership, and how it facilitates customer knowledge to generate and optimize business, debate moderated by Fernando Ordóñez , Chief Sales Officer of SG Tech. On both days, different rooms will take place that will deal with various topics such as:

o Sponsored AI Data Engine Room

o Sponsored Low Code Room

o Industrial Cybersecurity Room

o Room Not All API

o Applications Modernization Room

The 5th APD International CIO Congress has the Gold sponsorship of Abanca, and as Silver sponsors: Fortinet, Fujitsu, HP, Infoavan, Microsoft, Okticket, Ozona Tech, Red Hat/Intel, SGTech, Tickelia and Ziur. In addition, the event has more than 20 collaborators.

There will be two days of technological revolution that will invade Santiago de Compostela and will bring together the elite of the business technological fabric.

About SG Tech

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Its origin is in the distribution of energy products, adapting to market changes it has evolved to offer Information Technology and digital transformation services.

SG Tech international brand, is focused on the digital transformation of companies, adapting to the needs and philosophy of each client, thus offering effective technological solutions to any need that the client may have.

With more than 20 years of experience, SG Tech has demonstrated its capacity and knowledge in the field of digital transformation and the comprehensive management of technological projects in multiple sectors such as banking, insurance, industry, telecommunications, mass media, logistics and public administration.

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