Moundir : the worst is past, the reassuring news of his wife Ines

MOUNDIR HOSPITALISE. Has been hospitalized since march 22, after having contracted the coronavirus, the former candidate of Koh Lanta would be better now. Cont

Moundir : the worst is past, the reassuring news of his wife Ines

MOUNDIR HOSPITALISE. Has been hospitalized since march 22, after having contracted the coronavirus, the former candidate of Koh Lanta would be better now.

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[updated march 31, 2021 to 10h22] "Moundir is back ! "It is by his reassuring words that Inès Zoughari, his wife, has reassured fans of the applicant to reality tv. Moundir is better, after that the doctors have considered the possibility that the former member of Koh Lanta is placed in the icu, heavily impacted by the coronavirus. After these days distressing for the family of the leader, the latter starts to get better. "You are an example of strength, determination, and courage my Love, wrote the woman Moundir on Instagram. That's the hard part is over ! Thank you my god ! Thank you for your prayers, your support and your messages ! Moundir is Back ! I love you !"

The candidate of reality shows 47-year old had been hospitalized since march 22 after contracting the coronavirus. His wife, Inès Zoughari, would regularly give his news on his account Instagram. Moundir suffered from breathing difficulties, and could have been placed in intensive care if his health was deteriorating. On 24 march, the wife of Moundir had revealed that the ex-candidate de Koh Lanta had been placed on oxygen to help with breathing : "It's just beginning to relax, to let go. He felt from at any given time", had explained on the social network Inès Zoughari.

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many messages of support to Moundir

On Instagram, Moundir receives a lot of support, all shared in the story by his entourage. Naoil, the winner of Koh Lanta : the island of the hero, wrote in the story "to be strong brother", while the actress and model Géraldine Lapalus wants to "courage to [his] warrior". A few hours earlier, Denis Brogniart had also posted a message on Instagram, announcing that he had spoken with the former candidate of Koh Lanta : "I acknowledged when I spoke to you yesterday evening, focus and fighting. I kiss you." In response, the wife of Moundir, who gives his news on his account Instagram, revealed that the former candidate of reality television was aware of all of these messages : "He embraces you and tells you that he will let nothing and that it is not you will not."

Biography of Moundir Zoughari

Moundir Zoughari, that is mainly known under the name of Moundir, is a candidate of reality tv and television host French born 4 September 1973 in Paris. He is known for having participated in Koh Lanta in 2003, 2009 and 2014. He will take part in other reality tv shows then, such as Moundir, the adventurer of love, the the house of The bluff. It also presents the issue Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers since 2016, and has Lost in the middle of nowhere in the fall of 2018. He has also participated in the show Dancing with the stars 2019. Moundir is also known for his activities in the poker world.

Moundir, candidate iconic Koh Lanta

It was in 2003, when he was 30 years of age, that Moundir participates in the third season of Koh Lanta, the issuance of survival of TF1. It was there that he became known to the public, with his character, his short sentences and his stance throughout the season, he finished fifth after 36 days of adventure. Later, Moundir will participate again in other seasons, Koh Lanta so-called "all-stars" who have placed their chances to adventurers already familiar with the issue : in 2009 and in 2014. At the same time, he pursued a tv career, and thus appears that shows of the genre.

Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers, its emission of survival

Known for its success in various seasons of Koh Lanta as a candidate, Moundir is then passed to the other side of the barrier, becoming a presenter of his own show of survival. On W9, Moundir Zoughari animated "Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers" from 2016 to 2019, a show similar in concept to Koh Lanta. A fifth season had to be turned current 2020, but was cancelled due to the pandemic of coronavirus shortly after he began filming in march 2020.

Who is the wife of Moundir ?

Date Of Update: 31 March 2021, 22:58

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