End of ramadan 2020 : the date of the Eid revealed this Friday, what is the CFCM ?

RAMADAN. The CFCM and other bodies representing muslims in France gather at the Great Mosque of Paris, Friday, may 22, to decide on the date of the end of ramad

End of ramadan 2020 : the date of the Eid revealed this Friday, what is the CFCM ?

RAMADAN. The CFCM and other bodies representing muslims in France gather at the Great Mosque of Paris, Friday, may 22, to decide on the date of the end of ramadan. Instructions have already been given for the celebration of the Eid el-Fitr.

Summary end-Date of ramadan 2020 in France That said the CFCM on the end of ramadan ? That said, the Great Mosque of Paris ? End of ramadan in Saudi Arabia End of ramadan in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia Night of doubt The end of ramadan in France is set for Friday, may 22 : the Great Mosque of Paris is organizing a "night of doubt", which brings together the CFCM and other federations representing muslims in France, at 18: 30. The date of Eid el-Fitr, which will take place either this Saturday, or this Sunday, will be communicated on this page as soon as official promulgation. In reality, the CFCM should formalize or not the date of the end of ramadan was set for Saturday, may 23, by astronomical calculations. A date deemed "probable" by the organization. The CFCM and the Great Mosque of Paris have given their recommendations for the end of ramadan 2020 : considering the health situation due to the movement of coronavirus in France, these two major bodies called the muslims not to organize an event for the Eid al-Fitr at the mosque. The CFCM clearly indicates, in a press release, that the "recovery of the religious ceremonies in the mosques can only take place on the occasion of large gatherings such as the Eid festival or the prayer of Friday". Live Receive our alerts live !

12:45 - The people who follow the ramadan lose weight ?

The answer is rather not, even if this year, the containment has changed the eating habits. It is even often a weight gain that is observed generally during the month of ramadan. For a reason simple enough : for several weeks, the fact to eat only very early in the morning and late in the evening creates a dietary imbalance, and leads to a reaction well known to dieticians : in case of deprivation is repeated, the body stores more fat during a meal.

12:32 - Which follow the announcement of the end of ramadan today ?

The CFCM and the Great mosque of Paris issued a release this Friday, they should send at about 18: 45 to the media. Linternaute.com relays, like every year, this information in the minute that it is formalized. If you want to get the date of the end of ramadan before the whole world and the diffusion of the chains of continuous information, you have to be in the right place.

12:16 - How the CFCM makes public the date of the end of ramadan this Friday ?

given the health crisis of the coronavirus, the French Council of the muslim cult, associated with other representative bodies for muslims in France, you can not organize press conference today, as he has the habit of doing it every year since the Great Mosque of Paris. It is, therefore, in visio-conference that will be held the meeting between the different agencies, who will publish a joint press release around 18h30 Friday 22 may.

12:15 - The day of the end of ramadan is not a holiday in France, but..

If among the 11 public holidays in France 6 are of catholic tradition, no holiday is planned for the feast of end of ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, or the grand Eid, also called Eid al-Adha, the feast of the sacrifice. In the French Labour Code, no provision opens up right to leaves of absence for reason of religious apart from these 11 public holidays. However, in the private sector, the Labour Code guarantees freedom of religion for employees. A refusal of the employer to give a day off for Eid al-Fitr must be justified by a reason related to the disruption of the organization of work. On the public side, a circular dating from 1967 states that "department heads may grant, to agents who wish to participate in the ceremonies celebrated on the occasion of the principal feasts of their own confession, the leaves of absence necessary."

12:10 - The amount of the'aumone of the "zakat al-Fitr" already determined

Each year, the representative bodies of the muslim cult in France to fix the amount of alms that each person must pay. In fact, every practicing muslim must, as a sign of solidarity with the poorest, pay alms "zakat al-Fitr". The Great Mosque of Paris has fixed the amount of "zakat al-Fitr" to 7 euros. Remember that this amount should be paid during Eid al-Fitr for each member of the family.

12:08 - of The recommendations of the Paris Mosque for Eid, and for the after

In its press release, the Great Mosque of Paris said that, given the "state of health emergency"', "we have to anticipate a feast of the Aïd, which will take place without the traditional gatherings of brotherhood and in the mosques." And to add : "The national Federation of the Great Mosque of Paris has already-and-already established measures of organisation of its places of worship and invited all the managers to inspire, and to explain to the faithful : the premises shall be disinfected before re-opening and regular rhythm ; the port of the mask should be made compulsory and gels, hydro-alcoholic will be available at the entrance of each place of worship ; the rooms of ablutions will have to be closed, because these places have risk of contamination is high. The faithful will be asked to perform their ablutions at home ; the occupation of the premises, in particular of the prayer room, will have to obey the rule of 4 square metres per person ; each member of the faithful to give of his own prayers rugs and will engage not to the accolades and hugs as usual".

11:20 - What is the difference between Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha ?

If the muslims know perfectly the answer to this question, this is not always the case for non-insiders. At the end of ramadan, the first day of the month of Shawwal, the practitioners celebrate the end of the month in question by the believers as "sacred". This feast called "the rupture" is called Eid al-Fitr. It is also called Aïd el-Seghir, which can be translated by the small feast, "eid" means feast in Arabic. Eid al-Adha occurs to him on the 10th day of the last month of the muslim calendar (at the beginning at least September of this year). We can translate this name by "the feast of the sacrifice". It is at this time that families sacrifice an animal. This can be a sheep of six months, or a goat or a cow of two years, or, for the more fortunate, a camel at least five years. This holiday is also called Eid al-Kabir or "the great feast".

11:14 - Why are the dates of ramadan change every year ?

Every year, the date of the beginning of ramadan changes. This variation is due to the fact that the muslim calendar is lunar and not solar. This is the calendar, hijri. Ramadan begins with the sighting of the new moon which marks the end of the eighth month shaaban. The solar calendar has 365 days whereas the lunar has about 355. In addition, the dates also vary depending on geographical areas. In the world, ramadan is observed by over 1.5 billion practicing muslims.

10:50 - What is the date of the end of ramadan in Morocco ?

As reported by the specialized site Bladi.net the astronomical calculations of Zij shows that the lunar crescent will be visible tomorrow, Saturday 23rd of may in Morocco, signifying the end of ramadan this evening. This indicates that the Eid-el Fitr will be celebrated in this country on Sunday 24 may. It is likely that this date will be held for the majority of muslim countries. Expect confirmation, which will arrive today.

10:24 - What was the date of the end of ramadan in Algeria ?

As reported by several media algerians, the astronomy association Sirius did know that the crescent moon will not be visible in the sky this Friday, may 22, during the night of doubt, neither with the naked eye or with a telescope optic. This means that the lunar month is not yet completed and, therefore, that the period of ramadan lasts until Saturday, may 23, and that it is necessary to celebrate Eid el Fitr on 24 may. However, in Algeria, it is the ministry of religious Affairs, which decides and makes public the date of the end of ramadan, after consultation with the national Commission of the observation of the lunar crescent. The official decision will be communicated today.

09:50 - The muslims have to go to the mosque for the Aid-el-Fitr this year ?

The representative body of French muslims, the CFCM, has encouraged the faithful to perform the prayer of Eid al-Fitr at the house, despite the déconfinement started since may 11, and allows for meetings of up to 10 people. This query goes in the direction of the government's position, which was indicated in the may 4, via the Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, to be "ready" for a resumption of the religious offices, but only from may 29. A few days earlier, the head of government had announced that religious institutions such as the mosques would remain closed until the 2nd of June at least, "if the health situation does not deteriorate".

09:15 - today is the day that is set for the end of ramadan in France !

It is well today that is held in the Great Mosque of Paris, the "Night of Doubt", during which the main bodies of the muslim agree on the occurrence or not of the crescent moon in the sky. Their decision should be known around 19h, it will be understood relayed live on this page.

08:10 - How many muslims are they the ramadan in the world ?

in The United States, there are approximately 3.45 million muslims, according to a figure from the Pew Research Center. According to the institute, about 80% of them observe ramadan each year. The practicing muslims in the United States would observe more fasts than the five daily prayers, reports the news website, Newsweek. The Pew Research Center has also been observed in 39 countries where large communities of muslims, 9 out of 10 people say they respect the fasting period of ramadan. This would thus of this period the second pillar of islam is the most respected in the world. The first is none other than the shadada, the profession of muslim faith.

07:30 - With the month of ramadan, what are the other pillars of islam ?

the other 4 pillars are fixed to the believers of Islam, in addition to the fast of ramadan : don't believe in the existence of other gods apart from Allah ; make a donation at the end of ramadan, called Zakat, to the people who are in need ; pray 5 times a day : make a pilgrimage to Mecca in the course of its existence, if it is possible.

06:30 - What is the etymology of the word "Aid" ?

The word "Eid", according to the experts would come from the aramaic "îda", which means "public holiday", orcore "feast". He took this meaning also in Arabic, to qualify the religious holidays.

READ MORE learn more What is the date of the end of ramadan 2020 in France ?

As for the beginning of ramadan, it is by observing the moon, during the "Night of doubt", that the representative bodies of islam in France, set the date of end of the fasting month. Thus, as decreed, in effect, the starting day of the new month following the month of ramadan. In the meantime, the provisional date of the end of ramadan is estimated, on the basis of astronomical calculations, the Saturday 23 may 2020 . If one refers to the probable date of end of ramadan 2020 / 1441 above, corresponding to the first day of the month of Shawwal and the celebration of the end of the fast of ramadan, the Eid el-Fitr, would then take place on the date of Sunday, may 24, 2020.

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The secrets of ramadan

That said the CFCM on the end of the ramadan 2020 ?

the French Council of The muslim cult figure among the instances which stand out on the date of the end of ramadan in France, during a long consultation organized at the Grand Mosque of Paris. The CFCM has already published its opinion on the celebrations of Eid el-Fitr, in a press release, called on the muslims of France to respect the restrictions being imposed by the government on the places of worship, in the framework of the déconfinement progressive. "Given the health situation of our country, the recovery of the religious ceremonies in the mosques, which must be gradual, can take place on the occasion of large gatherings such as the Eid festival or the prayer of Friday, ".

That said, the Great Mosque of Paris on the end of ramadan ?

in view of the health situation, the Great Mosque of Paris, also call not to hold large gatherings for the end of ramadan. "The Great Mosque of Paris is in relation with the public authorities to investigate, in a framework of consultation with all leaders of cults, the best solutions that would ensure a return to normal of the worship life, while preserving the health and lives of all citizens. That being said, in the light of the criteria laid down by the Council of State, referred to above, and in view of the health situation is still very fragile, for the moment it is unrealistic to evoke the idea of gatherings for the prayer of Eid al-Fitr, the 23rd or the 24th of may, particularly in regions classified as red. We are still in a state of health emergency', and it belongs to the government – and him alone – to define the modes of organization for the protection of the health," writes the instance in a press release.

What is the date of the end of ramadan in saudi Arabia ?

Saudi Arabia fixed the date of the end of ramadan during the observation of the sky, this Friday, may 22, 2020, by organizing a night of doubt under the supervision of the ministry of worship. The decision will be made public by the middle or end of the afternoon, and relayed live on this page.

What is the date of the end of ramadan in Algeria ? In Morocco ? In Tunisia ?

According to the astronomical calculations, there is little doubt that the moon will not be visible in the muslim world - and particularly in the maghreb countries this Friday, may 22. This means that ramadan can only be halted Saturday, 23 may, at night, in these countries. It should be noted that in Tunisia, the government has already indicated that the public servants enjoy three days of leave, from 23 to 25 may, the end of ramadan. The official decisions are expected in the day, this Friday.

what is the Night of doubt held at the Paris mosque ?
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