Thuringia: Alleged right-wing extremists attack journalists

Two freelance journalists were in search of the right-hand scene in Thuringia. Two attackers should have been on them with knives and baseball bats.

Thuringia: Alleged right-wing extremists attack journalists

In Thuringia, two journalists were attacked and robbed by alleged right-wing extremists, as police in Nordhausen shared. Thus, two first tried to make photo and film recordings of Land of Thuringian NPD chief Thorsten Heise in Eichsfeld, whereupon y were driven away by presumed right-wing extremists. When two reporters wanted to escape by car, y were persecuted according to ir lawyer. On a highway near Hohengandern, y were finally attacked in ir car by two masked men.

After journalist's vehicle came to a stop in a ditch, y were attacked with a baseball bat, a knife, a wrench of about 40 centimeters and a pepper spray. So it describes victims according to ir lawyer. One of attacked had suffered, among or things, a puncture injury in thigh, his companion a head platzwunde. The wheels were destroyed on car and tyres were broken.

The attackers robbed m of photographic equipment before y fled in car. According to police, suspects are two 24-year-olds from Eichsfeld, which are attributed to right-wing scene. According to MDR, y were placed in House of NPD chief. He voluntarily opened door to official. The State protection took over furr investigation.

The two photographers filed a criminal complaint for suspicion of a serious robbery and attempted homicide, as Göttingen lawyer Sven Adam reported.

Updated Date: 01 May 2018, 12:02

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