Air France : the company offers the refund of the cancelled tickets, info

The Air France-KLM group has announced that customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the crisis of the sars coronavirus will be able to get a refund i

Air France : the company offers the refund of the cancelled tickets, info

The Air France-KLM group has announced that customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the crisis of the sars coronavirus will be able to get a refund instead of obtaining automatically a have.

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[updated may 18, 2020 11: 45am] Until now, the airline offered its customers a report of theft without charges or a credit valid for 18 months in case of cancellation of volume group Air-France KLM has finally announced late last week that it had decided to adjust its refund policy for cancellations of flights effective from 15 may. Affected travellers will now have the choice choice between a credit or a refund. "Given the magnitude of the crisis and the number of cancellations, the processing of these requests could take more time," warns the group.

In this same release, the airline also announces that the assets issued before or after may 15, will be enhanced from 15% of the total value of the airplane ticket initial. "This additional value can be used for a new reservation but will not be included in the refund after 12 months if no new reservation has been made".

What is the program for the gradual resumption of Air France flights ?

The national airline has initially increased the number of rotations between Paris and the airports of Nice, Toulouse and Marseille from may 11, the day of déconfinement in the Hexagon. Air France will then be added to bookings for Algeria since the 1st of June, without giving of precise date of resumption of flights to Algiers, Oran or represented at setif. For the more distant destinations, Air France has announced that it was compelled to suspend its programme of flights Papeete / Paris and return on or before June 30. All customers who booked a flight initially planned between the 1st and the 30th of June 2020 are invited to contact the customer service of Air France. According to the information of BFM TV, the programme of Air France's flight would, however, increase progressively to 30% in the month of July. Information that requires the re-opening of some borders, both within and outside the european Union and the recovery of certain bonds medium and long-haul. As of may 11, 2020, the port of the mask will be mandatory on board Air France flights. Each client will have to wear a mask general public throughout his journey.

For its part, The Economy minister Bruno Le Maire, confirmed in early may on France Inter that the loan of seven billion euros from the State to Air France is granted on the condition that the company "will become the airline's most respectful of the environment of the planet", and therefore "it goes through removals domestic routes , and, quite frankly, when you can make the trip by train in less than 2h30, the aircraft is not justified". Without giving the number of rows that could be deleted, Bruno Le Maire takes for example the line Bordeaux-Paris : it is justified only in one case, "If you join the hub of Paris, to an international movement, a transatlantic flight or a flight to Asia. But in all other cases, if it is to earn only an hour [compared to the train] that you might otherwise lose in transport to go to the airport, the game is not worth the candle. The cost in terms of carbon emissions is too high".

The port of the mask is it mandatory on Air France flights ?

According to the instruction in a French port of the mask mandatory in the transport sector, Air France asks its customers to wear a mask throughout their travel from may 11, 2020. Customers will be notified of this obligation by sms or by e-mail prior to their departure and invited to bring one or more masks for their trip. The airline says in the same press release that "the low rate of filling current allow the implementation of a separation physical. In the case where the distancing is not possible, our crews deliver it to the door of the plane masks for customers that do not have one already". She continues : "In the airport, the separation physical is easier thanks to the marking on the ground and on the nameplate. A new boarding clocked is set up : the customers are embedded from the back to the front of the plane in order to limit the crosses to the edge".

A temperature control device of departing passengers of all flights, Air France is also being put in place as early as may 11. This systematic verification will be provided through the use of infrared thermometers non-contact. A temperature lower than 38°C will be required to be able to travel. Clients presenting with a temperature greater than this value and which therefore may be sick of the coronavirus may be denied boarding and their booking will be amended without charge to a subsequent departure.

What are the measures of repatriation put in place ?

If you are abroad and you want to go, be aware that Air France is setting up special rates for citizens and residents of france. If you are in possession of a plane ticket, it is advisable to anticipate your return in Europe more quickly, by changing your booking on-line, in the section "My Bookings" on the website or mobile application of the company. You can also buy a new ticket at a special rate. You can, by the result, cancel your original flight and get a non-refundable, valid for 1 year on all flights with Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic.

in Order to ensure the repatriation of its customers and allow a territorial continuity, Air France carries out regular flights with reduced frequencies to the following destinations : Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-Denis, Reunion, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich, Cotonou, Dakar, Abidjan (other destinations to the study), New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Tokyo. If you are stranded abroad, the airline advises you to sign up on Ariane, on the site France Diplomatie, to receive all recommendations of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What to do if your flight is cancelled ?

If your flight has been cancelled and you have waived to travel on a different date, you can request a refund of your ticket from your travel agency. In the case of the purchase of your plane ticket on the Air France site, you can complete the form available HERE to receive a credit valid for 1 year on all flights with Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic.

How to postpone your trip ?

If you have booked your plane ticket before the 21 April 2020, inclusive for a trip before 3 July 2020, Air France allows you to postpone your departure date without a change fee, subject to availability in the same cabin of travel. Any changes must be made before the date of departure of your original flight. Your new travel must begin on or before 30 November 2020, inclusive. If you wish to travel from 1 December 2020, you will also be able to postpone your departure date without a change fee. If the original fare is not available, you will however have to pay any difference in fare.

How to cancel your trip ?
Date Of Update: 21 May 2020, 15:34