Ski resort : what is open or closed, activities

s and services open other ski resorts know how to stand out by a rich and varied offer. Also discover below our selection of French ski resorts that offer a my

Ski resort : what is open or closed, activities
s and services open

other ski resorts know how to stand out by a rich and varied offer. Also discover below our selection of French ski resorts that offer a myriad of activities outside of skiing alpine :

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Where to go in the snow without skiing ?

is it possible to be reimbursed for his stay in a ski resort ?

downhill skiing, you wish to cancel your ski holiday during the February holidays ? The majority of the actors of the mountain provide for the reimbursement of accommodation and ski pass and equipment rental in case of cancellation, because of the evolution of the health situation of the Covid-19. In addition, a non-negligible : the SNCF expects the refund or exchange of train tickets until 7 march 2021. Find in detail the different rebates offered by the actors of the mountain :

Reimbursement of accommodation

According to the president of the national Union of tourist residences, interviewed by le Parisien, " the vast majority" of professionals have "entered a cancellation clause of the stay in case of the closure of ski lifts or stations, on the decision of the government, in the terms of sale ". The refund may also include ski passes and equipment hire, in the case of an all inclusive stay. Anyway, you should check the terms and conditions of cancellation to its tour operator. In regards to the platforms booking between individuals, the terms of cancellation and refund differ from one host to the other.

given the large number of refund requests, it is currently recommended to call these platforms by phone, but rather to send them an e-mail specifying the number of the booking or folder, the date of stay, and contact information.

Reimbursement of ski pass

Of an operator to the other, the repayment terms are different, but you will get at least a discount on your package. In general, packages that are not used are repaid in full and a discount on the package of the next winter is applied on the season pass. It is necessary to verify the information in the terms and conditions of sale.

Reimbursement of the rental of the equipment

According to Ski Info, the main brands of equipment rental for skiing or snowboarding as a Sport 2000, Intersport, Skimium or Skiset ensure the full refund of your rental, including the costs of the case, from the moment that you have cancelled your reservation in advance in general, 48 hours in advance).

Reimbursement of the course of skiToujours according to Ski Info, the majority of ski schools (ESF, ESI, etc) invites customers to get in touch via email with their local branch for all information in relation to the reimbursement of the only classes not made.

L'"opening" of the French ski resorts pushed back when ?

The area of the mountain is going to live in a white season, and we can now say that they will regain a normal activity at the earliest in 2022. Not for the reopening of the lifts so, in the month of February 2021, given the health situation of concern ... So that the re-opening of the ski lifts in the month of February would have been able to "ensure the survival of the ecosystem mountain" and "limit the social impact of", this decision is "a sadness absolute," said the president of the ski Areas of France Alexandre Maulin to the AFP. "We had placed our last hopes in the making of February" and "it's just taken a blow in the mouth", he added.

when the opening of the ski lifts in ski resorts ?

The First minister Jean Castex has confirmed to the professionals of the mountain and the ski lifts will remain closed throughout the month of February due to the epidemic of coronavirus. "The evolution of the health situation does not allow us at this point to reopen the lifts," said the prime minister's office on February 1, by observing that there is "no tendency to re-opening general" to our european neighbours. This decision has been taken to avoid large gatherings, but also the ski accidents that can add clutter to the emergency room.

What countries border reopened their lifts in ski resorts ?

In Spain, the ski resorts have opened their ski lifts (except in Aragon, in the Pyrenees), but border controls are strengthened. The French skiers are accepted on the condition to submit to a PCR test, and an isolation period of 7 days in the case of a positive result. In Andorra, however, the slopes of the ski resorts are only available to residents of the principality. In Switzerland, the ski resorts remain open, but the stores are non-essential and the restaurants are closed. Italy has pushed back the opening of its ski lifts, such as France,...

120 000 seasonal jobs at risk, the new measures for financial aid

350 ski resorts of France accounted for 10 billion euros in economic benefits and 120,000 seasonal jobs. In order to compensate for the loss of revenue occasioned, the device activity part is now extended to the companies of the sector

Date Of Update: 01 March 2021, 15:57

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