Air France : the company will test a health certificate digital to the west Indies, what we know

from the 11th of march, Air France will test for a month the application AOK Pass on the links Paris CDG-Pointe-à-Pitre and Paris CDG-Fort-de-France in order to

Air France : the company will test a health certificate digital to the west Indies, what we know

from the 11th of march, Air France will test for a month the application AOK Pass on the links Paris CDG-Pointe-à-Pitre and Paris CDG-Fort-de-France in order to check out more quickly tests Covid.

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[updated February 22, 2021 at 11: 50 am] Since the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19, the formalities of air travel have changed on a regular basis : mask mandatory in the airport and during the flight, outlet temperature, declaration on the honour, the presentation of a PCR test negative... national airline of French serving more than 200 destinations around the world, Air France has announced the launch of a programme to test the solution "ICC AOKpass" to improve the experience of its customers and to facilitate the control of the tests.

ICC AOKpass is a mobile app, available on smartphones and enabling passengers to save it in a secure manner the results of their test COVID carried out in a laboratory partner. Once at the airport, passengers must present their smartphone in place of a test paper. Made with the support of the Paris Airport and a duration of 4 weeks, the test will begin on the 11th of march 2021 on all Air France flights departing from Paris-CDG to Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) and Fort-de-France (Martinique). It will be carried out on a voluntary basis in order to test in real conditions of the functioning of the application and collect the opinions of customers testers.

What are the destinations served by Air France ?

In France, the company is present in 25 cities, including Ajaccio, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris and Toulouse. At international level, it has a very wide network that it serves its own or by one of its partner companies. You will find all the destinations served by Air France on this page. Among the must-see destinations in Europe that are accessible from Paris, we find Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Geneva and Stockholm.

What is the weight and size of luggage allowed in the cabin and in the hold at Air France ?

In economy Class, you can bring one carry-on baggage standard (55 x 35 x 25 cm, wheels and handles included) and an accessory (a bag for example), in which the total weight does not exceed 12 kg. In First Class or Business Class, you can take one baggage standard in addition, not to exceed a total of 18 kg. For baggage in the baggage compartment, deductibles vary depending on your country of departure and your destination, as well as your class. As a general rule, the economy Class is limited to one bag of up to 23 kg and the Business Class and First two bags up to 32 kg. Any additional baggage fee.

In the event of loss of your baggage, you must complete a declaration of loss to the airport in the Baggage service of Air France. You also have the option of completing the questionnaire on the Internet within 48 hours. If this mishap requires you to purchase products of first necessity, you will be able to apply for reimbursement of Air France. If the company cannot find your baggage, you will be compensated up to about 1295 euros and on receipts.

Where to find its flight information for Air France ?

once you have made your booking, you can find all the information related to your Air France flight in the "My bookings" on the website of the company. Flight schedule, departure terminal, number of baggage items you can transport in the hold and in the cabin, conditions, change of reservation... it's All there. You can also change your booking by adding options menu, or a specific seat in the front of the cabin, or with more space for legs, and personalized assistance at the airport... It is also in this space that you have to go to get the refund of a ticket. You can also put your personal information up to date in order to be informed in real-time in case of a change or disturbance affecting your journey. To track your Air France flight in real time, especially during the period of strike, go to the module "News flights".

When the check-in at Air France ?

To obtain your boarding pass, you have two options. The first way is to register directly on the Internet, from 30 hours before your volume You can choose your seat and print at home, your boarding pass and your baggage tags. It is also possible to download your boarding passes directly to your smartphone via the Air France app. Once at the airport, you only have to drop your suitcases at the baggage counter.

The second option is the same as to register and obtain your boarding pass at the airport on the day of departure. For this you have to go to a kiosk or a check-in desk before dropping off your baggage at the counter dedicated to it. Please be aware of the deadlines for the registration, the deposit of the suitcases, and boarding. These durations can vary between 15 and 90 minutes before the flight, depending on whether it is a flight of short -, medium-or long-mail. You can check this information online.

How to read and use their Miles Flying Blue Air France ?

By joining for free to Flying Blue, the loyalty programme of Air France, you will earn Miles when you fly, book a night in a hotel, rent a car or pay your daily expenses by credit card thanks to the partners of the airline. The number of

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