Abanca workers support a day of strike against the "cuts"

They estimate the monitoring at 90% in Galicia, which sources close to the entity lower to between 5 and 10%.

Abanca workers support a day of strike against the "cuts"

They estimate the monitoring at 90% in Galicia, which sources close to the entity lower to between 5 and 10%

Around a thousand Abanca workers have mobilized in A Coruña, in a protest called in Galicia by the CIG and ASCA unions, to demand measures to compensate for the "brutal loss of purchasing power since 2010", as well as the opening of a negotiation for issues such as the reduction of working hours.

It was on a day of strike with a follow-up, according to the organizing centers, of 90%, while sources close to Abanca consulted by Europa Press have put it, based on the first data, "at 5% in some areas and in others between 10 and 15 percent.

With more updated data, they have placed this percentage between 5 and 10% while they have stressed that the entity "has been, is and will always be open to dialogue with workers."

The protest in A Coruña started from the Obelisk to travel through different streets of the city and return to the same starting point, behind a main banner with the motto 'For the maintenance of purchasing power, for the reduction and compliance with schedules. Against commercial pressure and harassment'.

'Botas and Escotet owe us the CPI' or 'With Abanca's cuts my salary is not enough' were other banners that could be seen in a mobilization in which they proclaimed slogans such as 'If prices rise, raise salaries' or 'Listen to Escotet, listen to Botas, we are cutting to the balls', in reference to the president and the advisor of the entity.


María Mosquera, secretary of the Savings Bank Union Alternative (ASCA), has stated that the objective of the mobilization has been to get Abanca "to sit down and negotiate."

"Try to recover what we have lost for years since they have been publishing stratospheric profits when we have lost purchasing power of 25%." "That, together with the bad work environment, the excessive pressure for objectives, the poor conciliation and the worst hours in the sector are reasons that make us ask that we sit down to fix this."

For his part, Clodomiro Montero, union secretary of the CIG in Abanca, has stated that since 2010 they have had "employment regulation files one after another, not only were personnel fired but also working conditions were cut and hours were extended." ".

"The company has historic profits but we see how these cuts that were imposed on us do not want to reverse them." He has also demanded more security in the offices in the face of "the wave of robberies", specifically in Ourense. "There is no money but then there is for the offices that are closed due to the strike."

Regarding the negotiation of the agreement of the old savings banks, "the only thing that affects us are salary cuts, not the rest," said Montero.

Among other issues, and in a statement, the organizing unions criticize that Abanca had "profits in September of 429 million euros, tripling those of the previous year, but that it intends to maintain indefinitely the working conditions implemented through successive EREs."


Meanwhile, sources close to Abanca have indicated that it is a strike called "by two minority unions at a time when sectoral negotiations are taking place throughout Spain."

"There have been no significant incidents in the entity's activity or in its remote banking services," they also stated.