Adolfo Domínguez approves an incentive plan for his workers to grow more in sales

MADRID, 10 Jul.

Adolfo Domínguez approves an incentive plan for his workers to grow more in sales


Adolfo Domínguez has approved a new incentive model --sales commissions-- with his staff with the aim of consolidating his growth in sales, which already registered an increase of 24% in the last year, the company explained this Monday in a Press release.

Specifically, the new remuneration plan promotes both individual sales and those of each store and establishes a system that promotes the entire sales chain in Spain, from cashiers, storekeepers to salespeople, managers or second managers of each establishment, as has been explained the company.

Adolfo Domínguez has agreed to the new agreement with almost the entire workforce, with the support of 12 of his 13 labor representatives.

The company has explained that the implementation of the new incentive model occurs after the fashion firm has reached the level of sales prior to the pandemic, with 114.2 million euros invoiced in the last financial year.

Likewise, the new system will begin to be applied on August 1, although all store professionals will be able to take advantage of it already this month if it is more favorable to them than the current one.

The fashion firm has explained that it has been applying a project to reposition its stores in Spain for five years, relocating them to neighborhoods and streets with the highest customer traffic.

The vast majority of its establishments in the main Spanish cities have already been repositioned from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​to Bilbao, Valladolid, Ourense or Malaga.

The repositioning plan is accompanied by the development of greater internationalization, since 57% of the company's 339 stores at the end of the last year are located outside of Spain, after the opening of 27 new stores.

The Adolfo Domínguez group ended last year with a workforce of 957 professionals and stores in 18 countries.