CaixaBank already reaches 99.4% execution of its share repurchase

MADRID, 12 Dic.

CaixaBank already reaches 99.4% execution of its share repurchase


Last week, CaixaBank acquired 5.27 million treasury shares for a total amount of 17.69 million euros, within the framework of the repurchase of shares that it is carrying out, as notified to the National Securities Market Commission ( CNMV).

The bank has already acquired 555.32 million treasury shares for an aggregate amount of 1,789 million euros since the program began on May 17. This means having reached 99.4% of the maximum amount authorized for the repurchase, which amounts to 1,800 million euros.

CaixaBank has reported that the weighted average price at which it repurchased shares between December 5 and 9 was 3.35 euros, while since the start of the program the average price at which they have been acquired is 3.24 euros. The entity's shares were trading at 10.10 am this Monday at a price of 3.30 euros.

The share repurchase program will not exceed 10% of the bank's share capital, its maximum duration will be 12 months and the manager chosen to carry out the purchases has been Morgan Stanley Europe SE.

The acquisitions are being made in the Spanish Stock Market Interconnection System-Continuous Market, as well as in DXE Europe, Turquoise Europe and Aquis Exchange.

This repurchase is included in the remuneration provided for in the Strategic Plan that the entity has designed for the 2022-2024 period, presented on May 17. Specifically, CaixaBank plans to generate around 9,000 million in capital, which it plans to distribute to shareholders until 2024 through cash dividends and buyback programs.