Capital Energy enters the capital of Veltium, a company dedicated to chargers for electric cars

MADRID, 17 Abr.

Capital Energy enters the capital of Veltium, a company dedicated to chargers for electric cars


Capital Energy, through its 'corporate venturing' vehicle, Quantum, has entered into the capital of Veltium, a Basque 'startup' dedicated to the manufacture of chargers for electric vehicles, the company reported.

Specifically, the renewables group has led, with 800,000 euros, the financing round launched by the 'startup' for 1.5 million euros and in which Basque FCR, managed by Gestión de Venture Capital of the Basque Country of the SPRI Group (Basque Business Development Agency).

Veltium is a Basque 'startup' that, created in 2018, is dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of hardware and software solutions related to recharging electric vehicles. With this capital increase, the company seeks to promote the development of new technologies and accelerate the commercial deployment of its products and services, in order to consolidate its position in the markets in which it already operates and begin its internationalization process.

With this capital increase, Capital Energy Quantum and Basque FCR want to continue promoting the growth of the 'startup', which will continue with its 'roadmap' of launching new products and services and improving its production capacities, and accompanying the team in its journey through a market of exponential progression.

The CEO of Veltium, David García-Pardo Montoya, pointed out that this investment process "will make it possible to face new technological challenges that will allow us to continue being differential in our products, always focused on providing simple solutions focused on people and on its energy transition process towards decarbonization".

He also highlighted that the support of Capital Energy Quantum and Basque FCR will allow us to approach this new stage "with a global vision, and with the aim of taking all this technology from the Basque Country to new markets in a growing process of internationalization".

For her part, the director of Capital Energy Quantum, Erika Escolar Eguia, considered that the investment in Veltium is included within our strategic commitment to create a portfolio made up of companies that "we believe will transform and lead the future of energy, among which synergies are also created".

"There is no longer any doubt that the electric vehicle is one of the key solutions for the decarbonization of transport and the deployment of infrastructure that supports its increasing market penetration will be critical. We are confident in the Veltium team and product, so We are delighted to join this great project together with our SPRI partners," he said.

Meanwhile, the general director of Venture Capital Management of the Basque Country, the management company of Basque FCR, Arrate Aranbarri, stated that "the SPRI Group's venture capital funds continue to promote business development and promotion, seeking to support companies as a priority in areas related to the RIS3 Euskadi 2030 requirements".