Convoy 2.0: assembly plans in Winnipeg canceled

The Freedom 2.

Convoy 2.0: assembly plans in Winnipeg canceled

The Freedom 2.0 convoy scheduled for Winnipeg from February 17-20 was canceled by its organizer due to "security breaches" and "attacks" on himself and his team.

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Canada Unity founder James Bauder originally planned a four-day rally in Ottawa but later said it would be moved to Winnipeg.

In a long Facebook post shared on December 31, he explains the reasons that convinced him to completely cancel the event.

“The main reason for the cancellation of Freedom Convoy 2.0 is that since I officially announced plans to bring the official Freedom Convoy 2.0 back to the Ottawa area for a 4 day meeting, I had several security breaches and personal attacks against me and other members of Canada Unity,” he said.

“Due to multiple security breaches, Canada’s Official Unity Freedom Convoy will NOT be involved in any capacity with other organizers of similar convoy-themed events planned for Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, or Quebec or anywhere else in Canada for that matter,” said James Bauder.

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