NH Hotel Group will vote at the meeting to change its corporate name to 'Minor Hotels Europe'

NH Collection and Nhow trademarks will remain unchanged.

NH Hotel Group will vote at the meeting to change its corporate name to 'Minor Hotels Europe'

NH Collection and Nhow trademarks will remain unchanged

The ordinary general meeting of shareholders of NH Hotel Group, called for next April 19 in the first and only call, will vote on the change of its current corporate name to 'Minor Hotels Europe

In this way, NH Hotel Group will adopt in its corporate name the name of its owner, the Thai giant Minor Hotels, which holds 95.8% of the capital of the hotel group. The previous change of NH's corporate name took place in 2014, when it changed its name from NH Hoteles to NH Hotel Group.

According to the explanation given by the group in the documentation relating to the different points on the agenda of the shareholders' meeting, the change of company name to 'Minor Hotels Europe

The Spanish hotel group specifies that its commercial brands (NH Collection and Nhow) will remain unchanged and that it will continue to operate the Anantara, Avani and Tivoli brands of Minor Hotels.

Minor International, parent of Minor Hotels, completed a public acquisition offer (OPA) for NH Hotel Group in October 2018, which gave it control of more than 94% of the Spanish hotel company, after a total investment of 2,327 million euros. . Before the takeover bid, Minor already owned 46.38% of NH.

The Spanish hotel group registered a record net profit of 128.1 million euros in 2023, which represents an increase of 27.7% compared to the previous year. Its income, also in record figures, rose by 23%, reaching 2,163 million euros, 26% above pre-pandemic data.

The initials NH come from Navarra Hotels. The hotel group, founded by Antonio Catalán, began its journey in 1978 with the Ciudad de Pamplona hotel and today has more than 350 hotels in 28 countries.

The current owner of NH Hotel Group, Minor, currently has more than 540 hotels in 56 countries and has set a goal of adding more than 200 properties to its global portfolio over the next three years.


Along with the change of corporate name and the approval of the 2023 accounts, the general meeting of shareholders of NH Hotel Group will vote on April 19 on the re-election of Stephen Andrew Chojnacki, William Ellwood y Heinecke and Emmanuel Jude Dillipraj Rajakarier as proprietary directors. the period of three years.

Likewise, the re-election of Rufino Pérez as executive director for a period of three years will be voted on and the ratification of the appointments, by co-option and with the qualification of independent directors, of Miriam González-Amézqueta, Tomás López Fernebrand and María will be put to a vote. Segimón de Manzanos.