RELEASE: New technology aimed at improving outcomes for breast cancer patients (2)

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: New technology aimed at improving outcomes for breast cancer patients (2)

(Information sent by the signatory company)

RATINGEN, Germany, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Fujifilm will present an innovative new mammography technology, AMULET SOPHINITY™, at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2024.

This technology, designed in collaboration with leading physicians, aims to significantly improve both the accuracy and ease of diagnosis and offers greater patient comfort without compromising image quality.

Breast cancer is the most common female cancer in the WHO European region, accounting for 1 in 4 new cancer diagnoses with an estimated incidence of more than half a million in 2020, making it the leading cause of death. due to cancer in women.[i]

Through cutting-edge, future-proof technology, we can improve these outcomes for patients across Europe and more lives can be saved through faster diagnosis.

At a time when cancer diagnoses are expected to increase by 24% by 2035, overtaking circulatory diseases as the leading cause of death in the EU, it has never been more important to offer improved screening tests and faster diagnoses .[ii]


AMULET SOPHINITY™ is a digital mammography system that offers low doses, high image quality and enhanced workflow with artificial intelligence technology. The "AMULET SOPHINITY™" system is equipped with a direct conversion FPD using a TFT*1 panel developed with a "hexagon closure pattern (HCP) structure". Provides high resolution images with a pixel size of 50 µm. In addition to contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM) for lesion detection and monitoring, it supports dual-angle tomosynthesis with enhanced sharp image reconstruction for better calcification, providing focused images on the structures you want to see, which It further facilitates the observation of lesions that are difficult to detect due to overlapping mammary gland structures. By increasing the number of tomosynthesis images taken compared to the current model*2 and increasing the amount of information used for image reconstruction, artifacts*3 generated during reconstruction can be reduced and clearer images can be observed. Two angles are allowed; ST mode for routine examinations with a total dose per series equivalent to that of the current model and dedicated HR mode for the most difficult cases that does not compromise image quality and supports extremely high separation and resolution.

In addition, the AMULET SOPHINITY™ digital mammography system is equipped with the projection function called "Positioning MAP", which is newly developed using AI*4 technology. The skin lines*5 and nipple positions extracted from the previous mammography image are projected onto the table surface as a guide for the same positioning as in the previous mammography image. This allows the radiographer to position the breast with reference to the projected skin line and the position of the nipple, allowing images to be taken that can be easily compared with previous images. In the case of a first examination where no previous images are available, images from opposite sides can be reversed and projected onto the table surface to compare the left and right breasts. "Positioning MAP" reduces the time and effort required for image alignment and other reading tasks, improving workflow in both positioning and reading.

In addition to positioning MAP, the system supports AI-based patient positioning analysis to identify any type of positioning deviation based on positioning guideline criteria.

In addition, the design and functions are designed to be friendly to the examinee. The curved shape that adapts to the shape of the body is provided on the front of the detector to relieve tension during examinations, and the Comfort Comp automatic pressure reduction control function, which aims to reduce pain during breast compression , is provided as standard.

Last year, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH announced the separation of its medical systems from the broader imaging and materials business and the merger with its entity Fujifilm Healthcare Europe (formerly Hitachi Medical Systems Europe) to focus on providing the most comprehensive medical technology solutions and innovative ideas about their heritage in medical imaging.

Fujifilm Healthcare is already responsible for industry-leading technologies, such as its Synapse platform, which improves the speed and accuracy of clinical decision-making. With knowledge, passion and inspiration, Fujifilm supports healthcare professionals at Women's Health in their goal to help improve patient outcomes by developing the most comprehensive and innovative medical technology solutions derived from core competencies in medical imaging.

Fujifilm Healthcare has expanded its capacity to provide medical and diagnostic devices, with women's health being one of the key areas that will benefit from its innovative imaging solutions.

Masaharu Fukumoto, CEO of Fujifilm Healthcare Europe, said:

"We are delighted to launch the AMULET SOPHINITY™ digital mammography system at ECR 2024, where we will present our pioneering, comprehensive and innovative medical technology solutions. The AMULET SOPHINITY™ digital mammography system is not just a product, it is a platform that will host all mammography techniques in one place. This is the first chapter of the new platform, which can ensure that patients have the clarity of confidence in their diagnosis."

*1 A TFT panel with hexagonal electrodes that convert X-rays into electrical charges and collect them to detect they become sharper. In our "HCP structure" TFT panels, the electrode shape is not square, as used in general panels, but hexagonal, which has more obtuse angles, thus reducing the disturbance of electric field intensity. This improves charge collection efficiency and increases x-ray detection sensitivity by approximately 20% compared to panels with square electrodes (compared to our equipment with square electrodes).*2 AMULET Innovality, our mammography system digital for breast cancer screening. Trade name: FDR MS-3500 Digital Mammography System*3 An image that does not originally exist, which is generated during image reconstruction in mammography tomosynthesis.*4 The nipple position detection algorithm is designed using learning deep, an artificial intelligence technology. System performance and accuracy do not automatically change after installation.*5 Chest skin contour.

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Fujifilm operates more than 50 group companies and subsidiaries in Europe and employs more than 6,000 people dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, sales and services, with FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, located in Ratingen, Germany, operating as the strategic headquarters for the region. Across Europe, Fujifilm entities serve a variety of industries including medical technology, biopharmaceuticals, electronic materials, industrial products, chemicals, graphics systems, optical devices, data storage and all aspects of photography. Over the past 20 years, the company has increasingly focused on healthcare, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment. Today, Fujifilm in Europe offers the full spectrum of patient care, as well as research, development and manufacturing of advanced therapies, gene therapies and vaccines, as well as providing cell culture media and regenerative medicine solutions. For more information, visit:

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Following the acquisition of Hitachi's diagnostic imaging business in 2021, the European headquarters of FUJIFILM Medical Systems Business Unit and FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe (formerly Hitachi Medical Systems Europe) merged in 2023 to maximize portfolio value of combined products. In addition to the formation of the new strategic regional headquarters, several local Fujifilm subsidiaries followed the path of forming healthcare entities with the goal of bringing together knowledge, passion and inspiration to create greater value for customers. More than 1,500 employees strive to help healthcare professionals improve the quality of life of patients by developing the most comprehensive and innovative portfolio of medical technology solutions derived from Fujifilm's core competency in medical imaging. For more information, visit:

[i] European Commission (2023).

[ii] European Commission (2022). Europe's Beating Cancer Plan. Disponible en:

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