Prim increases its Ebitda by 11.2% until September and earns 154.8 million, 8.8% more

MADRID, 10 Nov.

Prim increases its Ebitda by 11.2% until September and earns 154.8 million, 8.8% more


The Prim group recorded a gross operating result (Ebitda) of 17.7 million euros during the first nine months of this year, which represents an increase of 11.2% compared to 2022, while its income rose to more of 154.8 million euros, 8.8% more, as reported this Friday by the company to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The medical services firm has highlighted that all of the group's businesses are evolving in a "positive" way, specifically, both sales of traditional products and new launches and the companies acquired in 2022 "are performing well."

The company continues to show "solid" organic growth of recurring business, at the same time as a "good" evolution of the businesses acquired in the previous year.

The improvement in the net amount of the turnover, which thus fulfills one of the main focuses of the 'Strategic Plan 2021/2025', has been achieved thanks to both the organic growth of the businesses, which increased by 6%, and the good performance of the companies acquired within the framework of the Plan, which contributed 20.9 million in consolidated income, as detailed by the company in a press release.

For its part, the gross margin amounted to 76 million euros, 11% more, with a margin on sales of 49.1% compared to 47.8% in the same period last year, mainly due to "a 'mix' of sales with better margin and price increases in certain businesses".

Regarding net results, Prim obtained a profit per share of 0.459 euros, 12% lower than in the same period of 2022, affected, among other non-recurring factors, by the lower financial results recorded in the period analyzed.

The Prim group has explained that it has focused on efficiency, with the improvement of processes and the total implementation of 'SAP', "the tool that will contribute to the improvement of future results."

Similarly, the company, which also increased its operating profit by 6.2%, up to 10.5 million, has stated that it is committed to meeting the ESG objectives, included in a broad 'Director Program with a horizon of 2025. '.