The unions of the Labor Inspectorate demand more resources for the organization with a total strike

MADRID, 22 Feb.

The unions of the Labor Inspectorate demand more resources for the organization with a total strike


The unions of the Labor Inspectorate have called this Wednesday a day of total strike in all their workplaces to demand that the Government comply with the agreement of July 7, 2021, in which the Executive promised to strengthen the body with more staff and resources.

This will be the third day of strike by the workers of the Labor Inspectorate, who in recent months have also resorted to mobilizations and partial concentrations to achieve progress on the part of the Government.

The unions consider that the Executive continues to breach the agreement despite their pressure and regret that collective bargaining is failing "resoundingly" in the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, whose head, Yolanda Díaz, always boasts of dialogue.

CCOO lamented this Tuesday, in a statement, that Labor is failing both in substance and in form, with "a permanent rudeness" and "undeniable contempt" for the representation of the workforce.

"In four months, neither the Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy, much less the minister, have found room in their agenda to deal with existing problems," the union statement continued.

CCOO also reproached the political direction of the Ministry for its lack of interest in working conditions and accused them of "instrumentalizing the efforts" of the Inspection staff "for their own benefit".

"The demonstrations by the Ministry of Labor and the Government betting on strengthening the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate have more of an aesthetic position than a commitment to overcome the deficiencies in the body," the union insisted in its statement.

The CCOO's criticisms also extend to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, which continues without explaining "what is the obstacle that prevents substantiating the measures that were agreed upon."

Like the CCOO, from CSIF they remind the Government of the "chaotic situation" of the Inspection, which sees the workload increase without increasing the staff.

"The staff denounces the lack of means to adequately supervise the adequacy by the companies of the new Professional Minimum Wage, whose entry into force has meant an added workload to the already saturation of the Inspection work. Added to this unforeseen situation is a campaign to detect cases of wage discrimination based on sex in the workplace," adds CSIF in its statement.

The union also blames Díaz for "getting rid of" the problem and pointing "exclusive responsibility" to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function.

The Labor Inspectorate called the first strike in its history on December 21, followed by another on January 25, and now calls the workers for a third day with which the unions exhaust the first phase of mobilization.

The day of strike this Wednesday will be accompanied by a concentration in front of the headquarters of the Inspection, in the Ministry of Labour, where the calling unions are expected to offer statements around 12:00 noon to report on the follow-up and the most relevant data.

CCOO, CIG, CSIF, Sitss, Sislass, UGT, UPIT and Usess warned last week that, after the strike on February 22, they will "harden" and "intensify" their protests, with continuous partial strikes and not just one day a month, in case the Executive does not respond to their demands.

The union representatives and the professional associations of the Inspection do not rule out even going on an indefinite strike if the Government does not comply with the July 2021 agreement.

The union protests will not remain only in strikes and stoppages, since the unions will present a complaint against the Spanish Government before the authorities of the European Union for breaching said agreement and "violating" the Charter of Fundamental Rights in terms of collective bargaining.

The trade union organizations and professional associations of the body have argued that the previous List of Job Positions of the Inspection dates back more than 20 years, so it is necessary to comply with what was agreed with the unions and immediately incorporate the 500 troops who had been promised urgently and progressively the rest of the committed personnel.

The conveners warn that the Inspection is working by the will of its workers, because it really "is in collapse", with "unbearable" working hours, which require working Saturdays and Sundays to meet objectives, and all this "at the cost of health and security" of your template.

This is made up of 3,000 troops, of which 2,200 are inspectors and sub-inspectors and the rest are structure personnel, who must attend to 20 million Social Security affiliates, 1.4 million companies and 10 million pensioners.