The US Treasury Secretary will travel to China in July to improve bilateral relations

MADRID, 3 Jul.

The US Treasury Secretary will travel to China in July to improve bilateral relations


US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will travel to China from July 6 to 9 to meet with senior Chinese officials to improve bilateral relations.

"Yellen will discuss with PRC officials the importance of our countries, as the world's two largest economies, responsibly managing our relationship, communicating directly on areas of concern, and working together to address global challenges. ", says a statement from the Treasury Department.

The Treasury Secretary assured in April that the United States, in its economic relations with China, seeks to "ensure the interests of national security together with those of its allies and protect Human Rights through specific actions that are not intended to obtain an economic advantage." .

In addition, he assured that his country seeks "a healthy economic relationship with China that fosters mutually beneficial growth and innovation" and "cooperates on urgent global challenges such as climate change and the debt overhang."

The announcement comes a few days after the visit to Beijing by the Secretary of the United States Department of State, Antony Blinken, to reduce tensions between the two countries.

Relations between the two countries have deteriorated in recent months due to trade frictions and international alliances that separate them, and ended up first derailing in August last year, with the visit to Taiwan of the then president of the lower house of the Congress of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, and in February of this year with the demolition by the US Army of an alleged Chinese spy balloon --meteorological probe, according to Beijing--.

During his visit, Blinken assured that the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan and reiterated Washington's support for the "one China" principle, although he called China's actions in the Taiwan Strait and the Sea "provocative". East Chinese.