Uplà at Mont Saint-Grégoire: a new colorful attraction

The look surprises.

Uplà at Mont Saint-Grégoire: a new colorful attraction

The look surprises. Lots of nets hanging from the trees, several of which are colored, serve as trampolines where young and old hop. A footbridge connects them to a village of multicolored huts perched, the children passing from one to the other with wonder.

Located at the foot of Mont Saint-Grégoire, just over 30 minutes from the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, this new attraction named Uplà was launched by the Arbraska team on the occasion of their 20th anniversary. It would be unique in North America.

It is on the Érablière Charbonneau site where there is already an Arbraska course.

We move, we have fun

To try it, I went with my partner, her son Gaby and her girlfriend Maria, both 15 years old. Things are moving up there. Everyone is having fun, the net structure ensuring our safety.

You can play with a giant ball on a trampoline, 20 feet high. You can take one of the tunnels to get to various trampolines, including a double-decker, up to 35 feet high. You can also get back down to the ground by letting yourself go on a rope slide.

While I had this amazing feeling of weightlessness on the nets making waves, the teenagers had their own impressions.

"I really didn't expect net trampolines and different levels," Gaby said, while Maria enjoyed the maze of walkways in the village.

Other impressions, this time from a family in Sainte-Julie.

"At first, you're surprised by the continual movement of the trampolines, then you get used to it," comments mother Amélie Sirois. We feel that we can let the children go and spot them easily. Alexandre LeBlanc, the father, appreciated that the children could explore.

At the maple grove

After returning to the ground, we went to the new snack bar at Érablière Charbonneau. It's a few steps away.

My companion opted for a poutine from the cabin, with a light and sparkling Petit Saint-Grégoire cider. For my part, I chose a maple chili, with La Tubulle sparkling maple water.

While sipping maple slush, the teens made an unexpected comment.

“We liked that the trees that support the nets are protected by a tether that doesn't hurt them and that can be adjusted as they grow. This concern to preserve the trees is indeed to be underlined.

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