Zamora Company (Licor 43) increases its profit by 26% in 2022, after shooting sales to a record of 265 million

MADRID, 19 Jul.

Zamora Company (Licor 43) increases its profit by 26% in 2022, after shooting sales to a record of 265 million


Zamora Company obtained a net profit of 20.8 million euros in 2022, which represents an increase of 26% compared to the previous year, in a year in which, in addition, the company, owner of brands such as Licor 43, Ramón Bilbao, Martin Miller's Gin or Mar de Frades, reached record sales of 265 million euros (20%), as reported by the company in a statement.

Specifically, the group has approved at the general meeting of shareholders its consolidated annual accounts for 2022, a year in which profitability improved in its main brands and the estimated closing forecasts at the end of the year.

The gross operating result (Ebitda) of Zamora Company stood at 46.2 million euros at the end of last year, 8% more than that registered the previous year, when the figure was 42.7 million euros.

The company's CEO, Javier Pijoan, has highlighted that despite the uncertain environment that has continued to be experienced last year, the balance in 2022 of the group "is very positive", since, among other reasons, the end of the Covid restrictions helped to recover turnover in the hospitality industry and the company's international agenda "contributed more than 50% of the growth".

The company's net debt at the end of 2022 was 54 million euros, with a net debt/Ebitda ratio of 1.17 and, therefore, with low leverage. The group's own funds amounted to 203 million euros.

In addition, the Spanish firm continued in 2022 driving organic growth in all markets and distribution channels. In this sense, the Iberia market represented 48% of total sales, while the percentage reached in the European markets

Regarding the percentage of sales of the spirits portfolio, the company reached 64% in 2022, while wine brands accounted for 36% of sales.

The main international markets for the Spirits division were the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico and Brazil. For the wine division, the key markets were the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Colombia.

The group has highlighted the growth that all brands had, highlighting the sales obtained by Licor 43, with an increase of 33%; Ramón Bilbao, with increases of 10%, and Mar de Frades, Martin Miller's Gin and Villa Massa, which also show a positive evolution with an increase of 18%, 17% and 16%, respectively.

Zamora Company closed 2022 with a portfolio of premium references made up of spirits brands (Licor 43, Martin Miller's Gin, Lolea, Yellow Rose, Zoco, Villamasa, El Afilador and Thunder Bitch, Berezko and Gressy) and wine references such as Ramón Bilbao, Mar de Frades and Cruz de Alba. In addition, the company also distributes other brands.