4 Ways to Have Your Dream Car

Everyone has a dream car, a ride that has everything they want and more.

4 Ways to Have Your Dream Car

Everyone has a dream car, a ride that has everything they want and more. You could have conjured up your dream car weeks before you got your licence, or after you got your first pay cheque. You could have passed by a car in real life and thought you might want one for yourself or browsed online before finding a model you like. A dream car holds no limitations and no restrictions; fantasies are free after all.

The problem is in deciding whether you should get that dream car in real life. That is where the limitations come in; you need to factor in your finances, your environment, and so much more. It all boils down to the question: is it worth it? Can you have it? There are four different ways for you to find your dream car.

1.You can buy it brand-new

The first is to buy it straight from the source. When you find yourself in a financial situation that allows you to splurge, why hold yourself back? There is a direct feeling of satisfaction when you buy your dream car as a brand-new model. For a first-time purchase, it can be a testament to all your hard work and effort.

2.You can buy it pre-loved

The second way to purchase your dream car is going through second-hand dealers or individual sellers online. Buying second-hand has several appealing factors. If your dream car is from within the last decade, you can purchase it at a significantly lower price. If your dream car is vintage, in which case it may not be as cheap as the latter, a used car will run better than a brand-new model sitting in some collector’s home.

When purchasing a pre-loved car, make sure to find a reputable reseller and personally inspect the unit before the sale. You do not want to end up overpaying for an item, or worse being flat-out scammed.

3.You can lease it

The third option is to lease it, which mostly applies to newer models. You can find different car dealerships in your local neighbourhood or go online to sites like https://www.genusleasing.com and browse through their catalogue. Leasing a car means owning a model for a fixed amount of time before returning it and upgrading. 

Leasing a dream car might seem strange, but it isn't such a weird solution. It leaves space for you to change your mind to bigger and better models.

That is the best way to have your dream car without any regrets of purchasing too early.

4.You can pay the difference

The fourth option is a mixture of the first and the third option. When you lease a car, it may not always be brand new. If you like the car more than you initially thought, you can buy it by paying the difference.

These four ways account for different kinds of financial situations with varying degrees of commitment. Buying your dream car doesn't have to be so far-fetched when you stop restricting yourself to buying it new. After you consider your situation and select one of the four routes, you could be driving your dream car home. 

Image: Pixabay.com

Updated Date: 30 August 2018, 23:50

Recep Karaca

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