APL : what a boost for you ?

.) and your accommodation (such as zip code, contracted or not, whether it is a joint tenancy, if it is furnished or not, etc.), as well as your resources. With

APL : what a boost for you ?
.) and your accommodation (such as zip code, contracted or not, whether it is a joint tenancy, if it is furnished or not, etc.), as well as your resources. With the site My social rights, you will get the detail of all the aid to which you are entitled according to your situation.

You are part of the homes for which this second confinement results in a reduction of your income ? Linternaute.com has identified to you the devices using the existing and the levers you can use to manage your budget in this difficult period. See our folder right here :

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Containment : how to better manage your budget ? What you can adjust or not

That may be entitled to APL in 2020 ? Conditions

The APL is granted to a person or family for a housing. Since 10 January, the sub-locations can benefit from the APL, if they meet very specific conditions : the sub-tenants should be bound to a tenant over 60 years of age, and be either disabled or under the age of 30 years or over 60 years of age. This decree allows tenants to reach APL at the same time as their sub-tenants, noted Capital.fr. The APL will be calculated based on the rent paid to the tenant. The housing must meet the criteria of decency. The housing must also be arranged , in other words, your landlord (or agency manager) must have passed an agreement with the State opening up the right to APL and subsidies of the Anah. Added to this is the resources . The CFO sets limits, which change according to the location of the dwelling and the composition of the household (read more below).

students and collocations can benefit from APL ?

Yes. Using a custom housing can benefit in the rentals, but also to collocations and residences in shelter (student residence, for example), provided that the accommodation is either your primary residence and located in France . As a student, remember that you must meet the criteria of income established by the Caisse des allocations familiales.

How the amount of the APL is calculated ?

To determine the amount of your APL, the Fund of family allowances uses a fee schedule. It takes into account the resources of the applicant (or those of 2018 for demand in 2020, pending the entry into force of the reform), his employment situation, the geographical location of its housing and the composition of the household . It then determines a maximum amount of support. Here are the rates that apply since the order of September 25, 2020 :

Composition of the household Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 single Person 296,82€ 258,59€ 242,46€ Couple with no dependant 357,99€ 316,64€ 293,92€ Couple with one dependant 404,60€ 356,30€ 329,56€ Per extra person-58,70€ 51,86€ 47,23€ Source : Decree of 27 September 2019, applicable since October 1, 2019

remember, the zone 1 concerns the Ile-de-France and the area 2 towns over 100 000 inhabitants and other cities of new . zone 3 is composed of the rest of France . In addition to the amount of your rent, your resources are taken into account. For the year 2020, in the absence of a new calculation which must be applied in January, as previously explained, the income of the year of 2018 are selected. "In the case of resources below a certain amount, a minimum floor of resources, that is to say, a package, can be automatically saved in some cases," one can read on the dedicated website of the Fca. "For example, for the hostel students, 4 900 € if the applicant is a fellow, or 6 000 € if it is not stock".

I am eligible to PLA, how to apply ?

the entire application procedure is done online on the website of the Cfo . To build your file, you will need to scan a piece of identification, your bank identity statement and certificate of rent or of residence, signed by the owner or the shelter. Make sure that you make your application for APL as soon as you enter your new home, because the first payment came two months after. The retroactivity of this assistance has been removed. using a custom housing is paid every month (on the 25th of the month for benefit recipients in social HOUSING and the 5 of the month for the other). In general, it is directly given to the owner or lender must deduct the amount of your rent or mortgage payments for the loan you have.

How does the APL accession ?

Date Of Update: 30 November 2020, 20:57

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