Paris Orly airport : the antigenic testing for the passengers, how does it work ?

Since Friday, a centre of antigenic testing and PCR is operating at Orly airport for departing passengers. How does it work, how long are the results available

Paris Orly airport : the antigenic testing for the passengers, how does it work ?

Since Friday, a centre of antigenic testing and PCR is operating at Orly airport for departing passengers. How does it work, how long are the results available ? It makes the point.

Summary Orly 1-2-3-4 West Terminal South Terminal Address, Parking, METRO Transport TGV Station Arrivals

[updated the 9th of November 2020 11: 00] A centre of antigenic testing and PCR esr operational since Friday, November 6 at Orly airport for departing passengers. This partnership with Cerballiance will allow them to make an appointment at a laboratory in the network or in a testing centre in the airport. Passengers will be able to perform the tests, antigenic tests or virological RT-PCR "according to the destinations, and medical indications".

ADP advises, however, to anticipate the realization of his test in order to arrive at the airport is already equipped with its test screening Covid-19 negative. Antigenic tests, less effective than the PCR tests current, do not require laboratory analysis, and the result can be known in 10 to 30 minutes. Many countries do not recognise the validity of the only tests RT-PCR within 72 or 48 hours, for the admission of passengers from France. Passengers are therefore advised to consult their airline to confirm the health conditions specific to their journey. In a first step, the antigenic testing of less than 72 hours are only valid for the passenger at the destination of the departments and communities overseas.

passengers who intend to take a test and RT-PCR or antigen testing centre of the airport must make an appointment online. When making an appointment, you will be asked to justify your trip by presenting your ticket. These antigenic testing and RT-PCR are to this day supported by health Insurance, including for foreign passengers, or without affiliation to the social Security. The centre of rapid tests Orly airport, which is located at Orly 1A, on the arrivals level in the baggage claim area. It is open Monday to Saturday from 7: 00 to 17: 00, and Sunday 7: 00 am to 12: 00. The slots for the reservation in the morning, from 7: 00 to 11: 00, are dedicated to antigenic testing. Take the APPOINTMENT on Doctolib

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paris Orly Airport : the 20 questions asked

Orly 1-2-3-4 : a single terminal at the airport of Orly

at the airport of Orly terminals South and West have merged to become a single terminal consisting of four halls : Orly 1-2-3-4. Orly West is becoming Orly airport 1 Orly and 2, the new building of junction is named Orly 3 and Orly South to become Orly 4. This single terminal 1-2-3-4 at the airport of Orly and was established to improve the quality of the reception of travelers and simplify the route for passengers through signage more visible and more clear.

Terminal West at Paris-Orly airport

Since march 2020, the terminal Orly West has changed his name and became Orly 1-2-3. Has boarding : Orly West hall 10 becomes Orly 1 Doors, Orly West hall 20 becomes Orly 1 Door B, Orly Ouest rooms 30 / 32 / 40 become Orly 2-Door C.

Level 1 Departures : a drop-off, boarding, shops, bars and restaurants, lounges, airlines, RER B Level 0 Arrivals : car parks, METRO, shops, bars and restaurants, RER B, rental of cars

on the side of The airlines : Alitalia, TAP Portugal, Chalair Aviation, Air Malta, Iberia, Twin Jet, Air France and HOP to welcome travelers to Orly 1, AirEuropa and EasyJet to Orly airport, 2, Air Corsica, a Level, BA CityFlier, Transavia, Pegasus and Air France at Orly 3.

South Terminal at the airport of Paris-Orly

as of 19 march 2019, the terminal Orly South changes name and becomes Orly 4. Has boarding : Orly South Hall A and B become Orly 4-Door E (Schengen) and Doors F.

Level 0 Arrivals / Departures : a drop-off, registration areas, shops, bars and restaurants, services Hall : services, shops, salons, companies, bars and restaurants Hall B : boarding, services, shops, restaurants and bars

on the side of The airlines, Rossiya, TUI, Aigle Azur, Corsair, Air Algerie, Corsair, Norwegian, French bee, Tunisair, flybe and Air Caribbean will host from now on travellers at Orly 4.

Address of the airport of Paris-Orly

The paris Orly airport is located partially in the town of the same name (postal code : 94390). It is located about 14 kilometers south of Paris. By car, you can access it directly by the National 7-to Paris-Porte d'italie or Athis-Mons, Juvisy, Evry, Corbeil and beyond, by the A106 Motorway, slip road to the motorway A6 towards Paris or Lyon, or by the A86 Motorway. Depending on the traffic, provide on average 15-30 minutes of travel time between Orly airport and Paris-Porte d'italie or Porte d'orléans, and vice versa. Once arrived, follow the signs directing you to your terminal.

Parking at the airport of Paris-Orly

The first 10 minutes of parking are free of charge in the eight car parks at the airport of Paris-Orly airport, including in the areas of "quick drop-off" located in front of each terminal. If you wish to leave your vehicle for several days at Orly airport, better to reserve a place on the site of the Paris Airport, 6 months in advance up to 6 hours prior to your arrival. Find the info (location, proximity with the terminals, etc) on the car parks without a reservation from the airport Orly by clicking HERE.

ORLYVAL to Paris-Orly airport

at the airport of Orly, the automatic metro Orlyval allows you to move easily between Orly 1-2-3 and Orly airports 4 or to reach the RER B. This shuttle auto-runs every 5 to 7 minutes from 6 o'clock in the morning at 23h35, and his travel time is only one minute. The night bus substitution cover the same routes between 23h35 and 00: 30 and between 3: 30 and 6 o'clock in the morning.

The transport to and from the airport of Paris-Orly

From Paris, the Paris-Orly airport is easily accessible by public transport. Departing from Denfert-Rochereau, the Bus takes you to the airport in 30 minutes to 8,30€. At the start of the Eiffel Tower, the Trocadero or Montparnasse Station, the Direct Bus performs the journey at the rate of 12€ for adults and free for children under 4 years of age. With the RER B , it takes 13,25€ and a 35-minute journey from the station Châtelet, with a change to the Orlyval to Antony station. As for the RER C , it will take you to the airport in 45 minutes from the Austerlitz train Station, for a rate of 6.25€. At the start of Porte de Choisy, in the south of Paris, the bus 183 will take you to Paris-Orly South in approximately 50 minutes, at the rate of 2€.

TGV Station nearest the airport of Paris-Orly

If you make the journey by train from the province to reach Orly airport, the easiest way is to stop at the Massy TGV train station. On site, the bus 91-10 serves the terminals Orly West, Orly (1-2-3) and Orly-Sud, Orly (4) in approximately 30 minutes depending on traffic.

The arrivals at the airport of Paris-Orly

Date Of Update: 01 December 2020, 01:57

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