Dorian eliminated from Koh Lanta : I'm frustrated to have not won that race

Eliminated in the test of orientation of Koh Lanta 4 land, Dorian explains his frustration of not having won any individual event this season. Interview. Adve

Dorian eliminated from Koh Lanta : I'm frustrated to have not won that race

Eliminated in the test of orientation of Koh Lanta 4 land, Dorian explains his frustration of not having won any individual event this season. Interview.

Adventurer of the tribe of the West, Dorian is part of the candidates that has marked the season by their performance in sport. If he has very clearly led the Orange to the victory in the beginning of the adventure, the Norman also wanted to be victorious for him-even after the reunification. Unfortunately, it has not been able to get a solo victory, which leaves him still, several months later, a sense of frustration on his adventure in Koh Lanta. Eliminated in the test of direction, Dorian comes back to us on her journey in Koh Lanta 4 land.

This season has been very special because the candidates of Koh Lanta represented their region. It was an additional pressure for you ?

No, it was rather a satisfaction. Know that it was going to represent our city, our region... We all have a side that is a little chauvinistic in us so I knew it was going to be cool and that the support and expectations of the region might be more important. I found the concept great and I was very happy to be a part of the West and represent the Normandy and the city of Caen.

I talked with Estelle, who told me that she would never have voted against you because you were both Normans. It played for you ?

Not necessarily. It also depends on a lot of affinities there may be, and of the links and opportunities that are in the game. I didn't necessarily say, "she is here so I am not voting for it", the evidence since I voted against it so I can't say the contrary.

This is in the team from the West that you are experiencing Brice with whom you can build a very strong link. It happened naturally between the two of you ?

from the start, From the first test, we found each other and we finished the race together. Immediately, a bond was created. And on each test I relied on him to help me shine the Oranges so the link has been hard from the beginning. It has many points in common. It was cool to find a guy like that from the start in my team.

This season, we saw a hard core of boys (Laurent, Loïc, Brice and you). But you've seemed to let you wear it without too much strategy. You didn't feel in too much danger ?

It is not useful to make strategies when it is not necessarily in danger. I didn't think Lawrence is in danger and when he went out with Alix, it was a blow that I didn't see coming. I was sad because there was nothing I could do to change it. Unfortunately, it happens. It is true that Brice found himself in serious danger but I could not do a great thing for him because the Yolks were in the majority in wanting to eliminate it, and my voice alone could do nothing. I was also in the security with the group of five : Angelic, Loïc, Lola, Alexandra, and me. It is true that Brice gave me a little wanted to not take a position with him and Ava but I had a lot more to lose to do that to win. It also had to be put in my place. However, as soon as I was able to save him and allow him to go to the orientation, I did not hesitate. The gesture was natural and it was cool for me to be able to go to the final with my friend in the beginning of the adventure.

This is a decision that had to be very difficult for you since you enjoy Lola and vice versa...

It was difficult compared to Lola because she gave me confidence and I also. Since the early Yellow, we had a strong bond that is not seen necessarily to the tv because there are moments where we talk between us and it is not interesting. But it was very close. I knew that I was going to betray his trust, and I embêtait. Now, on the other hand if I do not deceive his trust, I do not do the finish my friend. I just asked and I said, "it is either Angelic, or Brice. Who do you want to see in the final ?" The choice was immediately seen. It was Brice that I wanted to save. In the end, I understood that Lola was disappointed because she had lost his partner, but she totally understood and she would have done the same thing if she had been able to save Angelica.

In episode 14, at the time of your elimination, you said that you are proud to have successfully put this strategy in place. It was missing to your experience ?

It is true that this year, there has been no major blows of strategy put in place. In any case not on my side. But if I don't need to do that, I don't do it. I'm not going to invent strategies when there is no need. Must be a bit smart and say that the goal is to go further, so without getting in trouble. Until then I had not had the need to put strategies in place. Then, it was possible because it did me, was not door-to-fake, because behind it was the orientation so I wasn't going to take the lightning and pass for a traitor. The strategy was logical and sincere. It was a strategy that was nice to have. I'm happy to have it in place. Loïc followed me 100% because he knew that Angélique would have never chosen it anyway. Brice was more likely to choose him or me. I talked to Brice, who, at first, wanted to eliminate the Lola. I told him that I didn't want the

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