Almost 41 billion euros: pensioners pay as much taxes as never before

German pensioners have paid in the past year as much income tax as never before. A total of 40,82 billion euros flowed into the Treasury – twice as much as in 2

Almost 41 billion euros: pensioners pay as much taxes as never before

German pensioners have paid in the past year as much income tax as never before. A total of 40,82 billion euros flowed into the Treasury – twice as much as in 2009. The answer of the German Federal Ministry of Finance on a request of the Left, which is the "picture on Sunday". Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance expects nearly 43 billion euros in income tax receipts from pensioners.

the reason for the increase in pension receipts are the rules of the amended tax. For example, 55 percent of the pension tax-free remained in the year 2009. To 45 percent, no taxes had to be paid. However, the tax was free amount 7834 Euro for Singles or 15.668 Euro for married couples to be significantly below the 2019 amounts. FOCUS Online The Taxable portion of the pension up to the year 2020

meaning: had to be a smaller share of the pension at all taxed, but the exemption limit was significantly lower than it is today.

2019 increased the tax-free amount for pensioners

in 2019, the tax-free amount of 9000 Euro per Person on 9168 Euro increased. For couples, it amounted to 18.336 Euro. 2020, the tax free amount at 9408 Euro, or 18.816 Euro for married couples. For it must be taxed, who is gone in 2019 retirement, 78 percent of his pension, according to which only 22 percent are tax-free.

The taxable portion of the pension increases, the later a worker in his retirement. In the year 2019, it was 78 percent of the pension tax were liable to pay. Who goes from 2020, in retirement, is already on a taxpayer's share of 80 percent. Starting in the year 2040, all of the pension receipts are taxable, with the exception of the then-current basic allowance.

Important: The personal allowance as a result of the year of the Retirement life is not changed.

pattern statements FOCUS Online, These tax rules apply for retirees

Rising pensions mean that more and more pensioners have to submit a tax Declaration. The tax authorities require, as a retired higher remuneration than the basic free amount.

Sometimes, an increase in pension benefits will be enough to keep you in the tax liability. In the year 2020, in the East of 3.92 per cent, more, and in the West, 3.15 percent more pension. That is, anyone who has received 764 euros per month pension, 2020, for the first time subject to taxation. A note to the IRS are not sent.


There is no fixed amount for the pensioners are subject to tax. But everyone, of benefits extends beyond the basic tax-free allowance of currently 9408 Euro for Singles once, must give a income tax return .

The statutory deadline for the 31. July of the following year. To 31.7.2020 so the tax return for the year 2019 must be submitted to the tax office.

tax tricks for pensioners

pensioners will be able to perform as well as workers are some of the deductions: This includes advertising costs, contributions to various insurance and health expenditure. This means that These amounts are taxable (pension)income is lower. Even those who have covers Pension, which is higher than the exemption amount, do not need to transfer, therefore, in fact, money to the tax office.

In Detail, you can deduct:

  • contributions to the health care insurance
  • payment for drugs and AIDS , such as eyeglasses and hearing AIDS
  • so-called extraordinary expenses for expenses for Doctors, health practitioners, in the hospital, or treatments
  • contributions for private accident - and liability insurance
  • fee for advertising costs in the amount of 102 euros, for special editions 36 Euro
  • craft cost , if a pensioner is about the roof renovation. Important: The tax authorities accepted the cost only if there is a craft-trade bill!
  • expenditure for household services as a cleaning aid. Everything you know about your pension

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gather evidence pays for itself

Even if the control uses duty until July, it may be worthwhile, therefore, to collect in the previous months documents. In addition, also invested in the pension couples together.

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Date Of Update: 11 March 2020, 13:00

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