Analysts nozzle earnings forecasts - European companies affected

US stock rise significantly after the "Super Tuesday" and Joe Biden's election success After the "Super Tuesday" get more candidates of the Democrats, Mic

Analysts nozzle earnings forecasts - European companies affected
US stock rise significantly after the "Super Tuesday" and Joe Biden's election success

After the "Super Tuesday" get more candidates of the Democrats, Michael Bloomberg is probably the most important representative. The Outlook for Joe Biden to be nominated, to rise not only due to his good performance on Tuesday, but also because of other moderate Democrats to get out and the votes could go at the end of Biden. The stock market celebrated the prospect that may not be Bernie Sanders nominated will be. The Dow Jones closed yesterday nearly 1,200 points, or 4,53 percent in the Plus. The health sector grew by 5.8 percent – the best performance since 2008.

delivery stops hit Germany less hard

The Corona-pandemic related disruption of supply chains due to production losses in China could make the German economy less hard than feared. I guess that Chinese suppliers are playing only for about one percent of the German production halls required between the products in a critical role. the Only in the case of electronic components of Germany relies heavily on Chinese products. In Japan and in the United States, the percentage of important product components from China, with nearly ten percent, or 6.5 percent, significantly higher than in Germany. Particularly affected by loss of production to emerging Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand are affected, since they receive a very large share of intermediate products from the middle Kingdom. The disruption of supply chains, the impact on the German economy moderate, this could also explain why the mood in the industry, developed in Germany better than in other countries.

analysts cut earnings forecasts

With the usual delays, the analysts adjust their earnings estimates. Corona has been taken conditionally in the past four weeks, only a good per cent of the world's projected profits in 2020, 2021, with a decrease of 0.6%, and even a little less. the so Far, positive revisions for the technology sector, from plus 1.9 percent were able to absorb the fierce Negative adjustments for the sectors energy, basic materials, Industrials and consumer staples.

Ulrich Stephan, DeuBa

To 2020, in total a further five to ten percent of the Negative revisions are realistic. The 2021er gains could stabilize at the appropriate economic programmes and catch-up effects, and even the five per cent above the level in front of the corona virus crisis lie. Whether it actually comes, we know, unfortunately, until 2022, when the total has been reported by the year 2021.

the market is concerned about corporate profits in Europe

With the profits of European companies is a significant signs of decline of about two percent – at the beginning of February, it still looked as if they could have their profits in the final quarter of 2019 increase. After two-thirds of the earnings season, only 47 percent of the companies exceeded so far all expectations. At the same time, more and more experts predict, given the spread of Covid-19 a decline in profits in the current year. These Concerns are also shared on the market In the last two weeks crashed in the prices of futures contracts on dividend payments, which reflect expected dividends of the EURO STOXX 50 in the coming years.

Ulrich Stephan, DeuBa

Apparently, the market expects sharp profit losses as well as dividend cuts. Although the Coronavirus will not go unnoticed by the European companies in the past. However, the market is likely to move in the course of the year due to fiscal and monetary policy measures, a medium-term recovery of the profits to be pressed of iron. While I expect the end of the year according to the higher courses, I think, given the obscure location, a further pullback in European equities is likely.

China car maker to produce

In China, the car started builders and suppliers, your production up and running again. I nonetheless assume that in the first quarter, around 30 per cent less cars will run as last year. Numerous suppliers have informed their customers that they will not deliver because of the Chinese production outages, the usual amount of Parts. the Also, car manufacturers, the manufacturing sites outside of China are affected by the impact of the Coronavirus. While the company has held with reference to the situation of financial damage is relatively covered, lowered the analysts ' profit forecasts for the European automotive sector over the next three years to 4.5 percent. After the Performance of the sector, however, declined since the beginning of the year to nearly 17 percent, could use according to risk, investors ready given the low price-to-earnings ratio, setbacks, to bet on a recovery in the courses.

the number of the day: 161 476

The rising sea level is endangering the world's coastal regions. What to do? For Europe, the marine researcher Sjoerd Groeskamp and Joakim Kjellsson have outlined a solution. the Two mighty dams of 161 and 476 kilometres in length, could seal off the North sea, the English channel and between Scotland and Norway. Technically and financially, the huge project would be quite feasible, according to the study – the environmental consequences are unmanageable. Conclusion of the scientists: An effective climate protection remains the far better Option.

you can Make the right decisions today.


Ulrich Stephan

chief investment strategist for Private and corporate customers

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Date Of Update: 05 March 2020, 12:00

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